Technology today!

An Apple Red Mercedes does it look sweet!??

Nice to look at right! Wanna ride in it?

I was reading a blog last night, it  was very intriguing to see.  It was talking about all the cars our society makes today. Luxury, top of the line, we always want what is appealing, not just what works. The new cars are just perfect because we expect nothing less than perfection. The ads are purposely written to entice any potential buyer whether they have the money or not to come and buy this car, because when you buy it.. Oh all your worries will be over in this life.Just make your sky high car note and work at break neck speed to afford it. In the blog post my brother said that there was a picture of a Range Rover which was “The luxury that’s more than luxury!” WHAT? I thought.. As the creators of the ad place a flawless picture of a Range Rover riding past a luxury building. This was to give the person looking at the ad a sense of being higher and prestigious and looking good. Who wouldn’t want to drive a car like that. Everyone would like you as you rolled up the street right?

Can you imagine it.. Life today there are so many things to get your eyes and hands on.It’s as if everything in today’s culture screams, no limits, you can have the best.. If you want a woman or man on the side, it’s ok to have your next affair at our hotel..That’s what the billboard said I read one day. Everything is permissible, you can have it all.  No one has a right to be authentic anymore, we are too busy building our lives on being hypocritical. You know you don’t have to be professing to be a christian to be hypocritical. A few weeks ago, my husband and I watched a movie called; “The Joneses”  or something like that. You see in this movie, the biggest goal of the family (The fake family) was to keep up with their neighbors, to be a cut above, to be a step ahead. When did life become a contest, it’s all about whose a step ahead these days. That’s the person to aspire to. So women leave their precious little babies in nurseries for the child care provider or nanny to take care of them while she goes out and “earns a living with daddy” After all gotta keep up right? Men leave their wives at home while they work long hard hours that run them into depression and suicide.

In our culture and society today we have such things as IPhone and IPad.. Yes, we have it made! We have all the luxuries more than luxury as my brother quoted.. Honey, we have it so good we don’t even think back to the days when mama and daddy barely had a car and forget the internet, and cell phones, let alone an ipad 4G.. Yet, somehow we made it. We lived and we survived without it. If I wanted to talk to you, I knew how to call you on my cordless phone, or mail you a card for your birthday. Modern day.. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace give us options. Now we can socialize from the comfort of our own homes and we don’t even have to call the person on the phone.Forget visiting you and going to Disney world. Cut face to face interaction out and whats more lets cut voice to voice out too.. Forget just calling to say I love you.. I can text these days!

Let us realign ourselves and ask the hard questions are these things really bettering the quality and quantity of our lives.

My brother posted two more pics and wrote to more articles on these  cars in today’s technology. I was amazed to see the Ford Edge, the car looked good. Not more than the Mercedes he posted but, when I saw that it had something that most cars I’ve been in have not had.. Basically it works on command. Forget putting your key in the ignition, this ad says; Words.. That’s all you have to do.. Speak. Old, young, ugly, rich poor, all you need is this car because all you have to do is speak to it and it will obey.. It will follow orders. Is that not what we want… Deep down… I want someone to follow my orders, I want to be the one giving the orders and you take them..At-least I know something will take my orders, I would buy a Ford Edge just for that, because even though the Benz is nice it won’t take my order, it won’t obey me. I’d rather not obey anyone else so I will get a gadget that will obey me.

This world today..It makes me laugh so hard!

Would your life be easier with one of these? Thats the pitch!


One thought on “Technology today!

  1. Kev,

    I cannot agree more with you. On these days we seem to be driven to be the best and/or the bigger at any cost. That is the problem at any cost.

    Thank you for this blog. I really enjoy it. You are good at this, I cannot wait to read the next one. 🙂

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