Real or Unreal!

In such a depraved society, how can we know the difference between what is real and what is not.. More than that Who is real and Who is Not!

Life gives us choices and sometimes we don’t use wisdom in our choices and we don’t have a “knower” way down in us to tell us when something is or isn’t right.

As christian we often say we know the way, because the great one lives in us. Be weary even of people who say this because a person must truly be spiritually discerned or mature should I say to get beyond the false and unreal to see the truth as it is.

In our culture there are people who will get over on a church. They sent false testimonies of how God delivered them, when they weren’t really delivered, they live lives that do not exemplify the glory of a great and wonderful God who is both good and wrathful. Our culture does not have any real care for human life any more.. What’s the murder rate in your city! There are people being raped every 15 minutes, little girls and boys are being molested, things are happening and it is not an issue of what is just, but pleasing the evil desires of the heart. Even though some of these things are right there under our noses, we don’t look down to see it. People are getting punk’d every single day, and sometimes that person is us.

Life is so short, to be honest. Some people say, how is life short, it’s the longest thing I ever had to live. But when you have a baby one year and just 4 years later you look back and see that you can no longer bottle feed that baby and not only are they growing but you are growing..Getting older, but are we getting any wiser, still running behind a pipe and a dream.. with no purpose.

I was reading recently about a young girl who was in high school, driving up her street to school. She wanted to put on a little makeup, so she adjusted her rear view mirror and put a little on. When she turned the mirror back she realized she hit something, not paying any attention… She had run over a lady on a bike. The lady died on impact. She could not make that up, it was a mistake.. (Yet there are people who do this on purpose every day.) She had a hard time making peace with herself for awhile, but the husband of the woman who died.. All he could do was say..”Well, is the young girl ok!” He cared more about her than his own wife whom he lost because of her. She had been the cause of his wife’s death and they had children together too.

Here’s a good way to tell between who is real or who is not real, what is real and what is not real.

This husband called the young girl over to his house the night before the funeral and wanted to meet with her. When she got there he threw his arms around her and hugged and kissed her and cried with her. She could not believe this man’s heart, his generosity.He said, my wife was a christian who loved God more than herself and she was so close to God that She knew her time was coming and she lived every day as if it were her last, she never left home without hugging and kissing me as if it were going to be our last time seeing each other. She was a wonderful follower of Christ she made sure every Sunday in church she did something to use her gift and every day she found a way to bless someone else because she knew she was on her way home.. and she wanted to complete His work before she left. This husband told the young girl, I want you to carry on her legacy.. serve God as she did with the life He has blessed you to have in her place when you could have died too.. This man could have sued the city for the ambulance coming so late because of their rules in that little country town, true story, he chose not to.. He could have chosen to sue the young girl’s family for hitting and killing his wife.. He said.. Why would I cause more trouble on them.. They have already suffered enough, what sense would it make to sue the city if she died on impact. This was critical to my faith. He said he forgave her because he knew God was ready for his wife and she was ready, and God had already spent time preparing his heart.

Do we live that way, like every day could be our last?

If someone is real they will never look out for themselves but always for you. Not what you can do for them. If something is real and not counterfeit you will know it because that thing will not break down when it is put to a test!


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