Celebrate Your Progress!

So many times in this life, from day to day we deal with any number of things we can regret and feel sorry for ourselves about.

Love is stronger than death. When we are good people we realize to be authentic in who we are we have to stop trying to live our lives to please others and we have to stop living our lives trying to be like some other person on earth.

Deep down in my heart I believe there was a reason I was created and there’s a purpose behind everything I have  had to go through and all that I currently am experiencing.

Sometimes it’s not so much about who I’m becoming, or who I will be.. when… When I get the degree, when I have a job, when my children grow up, when life is in another season or when I leave this earth.

Do you not know I spent all my life wishing to be in another season. When I was a little girl, I wished to be a grown up,  I thought life would be better just as soon as I graduated from high school, I blamed others saying the reason I am the way I am is because my father was on drugs and he had anger issues.. I played that “if” game way too long, without taking responsibility for my own actions.My parents or my siblings can only influence my life in a negative way today if I continue to allow them to. When I was older and out of my parents house I realized I still had battles to fight and even though I lost more of them than I won .. If I could just get to the next season, I thought I would be better than I currently was. If I was pregnant, I thought life would be better when I delivered my baby!  If I was working on my college degree, surely life would be better when I have this piece of paper in my hand.. And the all too famous, My life would be better if my husband could just understand me.. LOL That was the funniest of them all.. Truth of the matter is.. I am imperfect. I am filled with all types of ugly flaws and there’s a lot of pain still in me I must let God turn to gain..

The moral of the story is everyday, there’s something about me that is good.. Something I do well. Something that makes me smile, and something I can do better today that I did yesterday. I don’t have to be all perfect all the time.. Coming to the realization that every time I do something good I can stop and say thank God for that. I woke up this morning, thank God.. My children may not be grown, but they are old enough that they can walk themselves to me when they wake up in the morning, that’s progress, for me progress might be making it through an entire day with discipline enough to not get upset when something happens that was out of my control and to take care of the things I have the power to change and the things I do not have the power to change, stop worrying about them..

My progress is this.. I will choose to accept the things I can not change today… Just today and I will choose to change everything in my life that I can change.. I will use wisdom to know the difference between the two.. I will take this life one day at a time and live one moment at a time and I will love people as they are not as I would have them to be.. I will choose to be reasonably happy in this day and help someone else even if it is letting them cut in front of me without getting mad!

Peace can only be found in a power greater than myself!


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