Season change

It’s amazing how in a matter of time, every year the seasons change..

Just today it is November 1, 2010. Almost through the year already. How amazing is that. You and I both know what that means. Get out the coats again, no more air conditioner, transitioning to heater season. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, the shoppers all start coming out for Christmas near this time. People start buying turkeys, and let’s get ready because that also means Christmas holiday season is in full gear.

Hm… How will I view it this year. My mother loved the holiday season.  Every year she would be the one with the lights up on the windows. Growing up, mama and daddy never owned a house, but with that apartment they sure made it feel as if it was the best time of year. The house was full of anticipation.. Who was getting what they asked for this Christmas.. Mama would put up the Christmas tree and swing into full gear, she would make it feel magical.

Daddy, he never was big about all that stuff, but he sure loved to see mama do it all. There was a certain glow that came on a little child’s face as they opened their Christmas gifts or as they sat at the table for Thanksgiving to eat that delicious turkey that we barely think about all the work mama did in the kitchen all night to get this ready for us. We barely think about all the work that was done by this Savior we celebrate as we open these gifts.. The greatest gift is eachother at that time.

As the season changes my heart kind of sinks a little because this will be my 2nd Christmas without mama.. But one thing I know is this.. what she did will always remain in my heart. She made the season magical, she was into the whole Santa Claus is coming to town thing. While I am not really into Christmas trees’ and Santa Claus, I don’t see how they compliment the purpose of the holiday and I want to teach my children the truth. I kind of think about my mama.. She would set up the hole house.. She would prepare the kitchen table with all the clothes and candles and she would make the whole house so warm.. I have that somewhere in me.. And for once I want to let this season do something in me that it  has always been meant to do… for my children!


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