Sacrificing life!

When I was younger my mama used to always tell me.. “Girl, don’t go off having no children too early now.. Wait until you finish college and are well established. ”
Sometimes I think to myself; Wasn’t she right? Did she not want the best for me. She knew what it meant to have children, and early on in life. She gave birth to my oldest brother at age 19 and me at 21.. I can imagine that with me and my brother Dennis only 9 months apart, man, she really felt the burn of parenting. She knew what it would cost to be a parent and she knew that if any one is ready to take on that task they must do it with eyes wide opened.

Now that I am a mother.. Of 3.. My Goodness.. I know exactly what she meant. As a mother of toddlers, the work never stops, rarely can I have a date with my sweet husband and I might add sometimes he probably thinks I am crazy because I give out so much all day to our kids that sometimes I am all out when he gets home from work. Day in and day out of my life has become a sacrifice and yes that is something to cheer about.. My life has meaning! I have a reason to wake up every day and if I died tomorrow there are people who would be impacted and greatly affected by the loss of me!

What mama meant was this.. The American Dream is a family that includes a husband, a wife and children.. Not living in poverty! That is something she never had! In so many words that is what I could have only gotten with God’s help. So while I am here home, every day with  my 2 (almost 3) and 4 year old, I remember time is quickly passing and one of these days everything will be different. I don’t know if I will like it then.

See when I was pregnant I wished for the days I had given birth and with infants I hoped for the days I could sleep through the night, now as a mother of toddlers…. well you know there’s never lack of hoping for a better time.. when I will be able to give my husband or even myself more attention, until then.. This is my day… Cook the breakfast, wash and fold clothes, cook dinner, clean up behind toddlers, train them and listening to them whine. My job is very important although it seems very menial. I have the job of raising up the next doctor, president, lawyer, nurses, preachers, and even activist.. I think God has given me a splendid job and in the process He is teaching me to trust in Him all the more..

The End!


4 thoughts on “Sacrificing life!

  1. Love,

    Your mama was right. Nevertheless, our God has been faithful, very, very good. I appreciate all you do for our family, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Crazy??? Nah……, lol!

  2. I enjoyed your blog, what warm memories of your dear mother and you continuing the traditions she established for the holidays. Have a blessed season.

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