In this life there are many disappointments, problems we have, is there an end.. Is there an answer to half the sorrow and pain, is there a solution.. Does anyone care..

Life is filled with relationships, some are volatile, some are friendly and some are lustful. There are so many different kinds of relationships it’s amazing..

There are three kinds that stick with me from a movie I saw by Tyler Perry.. Some people come into your and my life for a season, they have a time set and scheduled by God.. When that time is up God will remove them and you will not hear from them again.. Some people God sends for a reason.. We were never meant to even build a relationship with such people they just came to help us through a difficult time then that’s it, they must go.. Some people God will send in our lives for a lifetime..

When We are not cautious to watch and be prayerful about which relationship this is, you will always lose ground.. Sometimes we try to make seasonal or reasonable people our lifetime companions when God never said that was supposed to be so. When we do that it is still good to recognize what it is and pray about how to fix it and make it what it ought to be!


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