As time goes on!

Phew, I have to say so myself.. I feel like just yesterday, I was a teenager. I feel like it was yesterday I was marching on the dance team and I was boy crazy. I feel like no time has passed and already in just a few weeks I will be turning what I call the big…3.0. Oh My! I don’t know how to say Thirty! When I was younger, I remember I would tell fibs about my age. If I were 15 , only people who had to know that would know because if I had just met them I was 17.. If you know what I mean. Now, I almost want to say I am 25.. As the year comes to a close I always sit back and reflect. I have been conditioned that way. I do not reflect on my year only, but my entire life.

It always amazes me to see what has changed and… what has not. It’s not that I start giving myself deadlines are anything but I am made joyfully, or painfully aware of where I am in the present in relationship to where I was. This is sometimes going to take as much as an hour for me to sit and remember.. but when I finish I always have a leveled head because there is always something I come away absolutely thankful for.

So, As time passes, I see older couples who have been married…25-30-40 years and I say to myself, when you have made it through the children being toddlers and growing up, what does it look like when you go back to a quiet house.. I don’t know that feeling quite yet, but it gives me something to look forward to.. When I see mothers who are with their adult daughters and sons who look out for them and spend holidays with them and grand children.. It makes me smile because even though what I am doing right now may seem painful in so many ways, it is the most joyous thing anyone can experience. Let us be leveled when we come to our conclusions, time goes on.. We grow, or we stay stuck behind.. Or, we simply become more thankful and hopeful for our future.


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