This won’t work, and neither will that!

Tonight, I was faced with a tall reality I had to embrace. It is this.. Money, Education and more things never made any one happy. They used to say money can’t buy me happiness but it can sure… (you know the rest)!

The truth is; In reality, rich people kill themselves more often than poor one’s and people really should watch what they wish for.. When you keep up with the Jones’ you will have the same headache the Jones’ have. Who wants that for a life!

I saw two extremes of the life I thought I wanted which made me thankful for the life I have. Well, firstly, I saw the young woman who had a master’s degree and was offered her dream job, but had to turn it down because she has fear issues that are detrimental to her and everyone around her.  There are even those who had the husband and the family but a special needs very sick child, or could not have children at all. When we can birth the baby but don’t have the will power to raise it, it is important we become more educated on what we are asking for.I was enticed to believe that life would be so much better if only I had more money.. If only I could afford more.. you know… somehow my life would be a piece of cake.. But the more I see it all around me money only makes life more dysfunctional when it is given to someone who misuses it. My brother just wrote an awesome blog on a song called “Say something” or something like that, he articulated what I am saying in a wonderful way..

So, when I saw that person who is only rewarding their children when they do good as a way to show them they love them and to make up for the time they miss because they always work then wonder why when the children are old they turn away from them.. I say to myself…Well, go figure.. Who would have thought at the cost of one thing you gain something else..Whenever we take our eyes off of the most important things and make the least important things most important we will always miss the greater picture.

We are all running out of time.. Every day we live we grow up and never get any younger. I was talking to my little children the other day, as my little miss Aniah gets ready to celebrate her 3rd birthday, Benjamin my 4 year old wants to go back and be 3 again.. I say.. “No son, once you have passed 3 you can never go back, you can only grow older.. my son! I realize that truth is real for all of us.. With only 86,400 seconds in one day it all seems to matter more when you know either you won’t always have those seconds, or you won’t always have a good quality of those seconds to the level you have it now.. Life is short.. It really is.. Some people say, “How can you say life is short, it’s the longest thing I ever lived”  In light of eternity, the time is passing so fast, sometimes when I look at my babies I think, wow, I will never be able to hold them in my arms and nurse them again that time has passed, I will never have the chance to bottle feed them again they have grown from that stage, now how will I help them mature to be all they should be in this life to be what is productive in God’s eyes and not the world.. How do I teach them that.. All the money in the world can not bring you happiness and will not save your precious soul when  you leave this earth. Why don’t we prepare for a greater day and an entire eternity instead of living for this life can I teach my children to live for the next… Could someone teach me to do that.. Yes, That is what works!

One day I might write a book.. What do you think!


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