Take care of yourself now!

When I was younger people used to always tell me.. “Take care of yourself now!” That was back in New Orleans and I have not heard that much since I have become an adult and moved to Dallas. I could have viewed that in one of two ways. Either they did not know what they meant by what they were saying, they were saying it just because it sounded like something cute to say, or well, they just plain old worried about if I was going to have wisdom enough to take care of myself.

Who would have to say.. “take care of yourself!” Don’t we already know to do that..  “Take care of myself” Yea Right! What does that mean.. In the years to come I have learned it means life or death for me. If I do not take care of myself I can not take care of anyone else. Let’s start with the basics, I mean this is a gross exaggeration but some people forget to feed themselves.. I feed my children and I tend to think my husband eats pretty well when I cook too. What if I forgot to take care of myself by giving myself the right nutrients and I ate all the wrong foods, you know what I mean.. Honey buns all day, hamburgers all night and cereal in the meanwhile. Would that really be classified as not taking care of myself..

Let’s move on to another example of what it means to take care of myself… Hygiene! I am tempted to believe the people who said this were mindful of this.. When I take the time out to bathe my children and clothe them well, but go somewhere and have forgotten to groom myself and my hair is not combed and I smell like Musk.. You know that smell, have I taken care of myself? I guess not! Because if they look good but I don’t it looks just as bad as me looking good but them not.

Now, this is an add in.. Taking care of myself could possibly mean, taking time out to do nothing. Tonight, my husband took our precious babies and he left to give me some time “for myself.” Sometimes I used to feel guilty to take that time for myself, I used to feel like I was doing something wrong.. I shouldn’t have time for myself right.. Well, when I took it, I was still cooking, cleaning and doing things around the house… Mostly exercising. But today I just sat down in front of the television and said you know what I am just going to watch tv awhile.. I am not going to do anything.. This time will be about me. I sat and watched a little tv show, but after awhile it became meaningless, it was boring, and whatever entertainment it could offer me if it was not funny or romantic, (so I could have ideas for my own house) or biblical well how is it helping me I began to think.

I had to decide right them and there take the time I have for myself and make it count. The only way I would do that is to do something for someone else. It becomes such a habit, even when no one is looking I am still preparing something that will benefit them. Tonight I got up and cooked some ground turkey to have tacos tonight and I wounded up perming my hair and moving around as I listened to my favorite preacher from the 50’s .. I love A.W. Tozer, the man is real..  I did something I loved and I felt wonderful. When they all got home I was so happy to see them and ready to serve just a little bit more.. When mommy has time to take care of herself, she has more time to take care of others!


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