The Concept of Thanks-Giving!

Today, while I was out with my little precious one’s. We went to WalMart… Pretty calm for the usual holiday traffic.. Thank God! I realized all the stuff there, anyone  could buy (given they had the resources)  to make their holiday warm. (even though it doesn’t take all that to make a good holiday)  You could buy a turkey, some bread pudding, and stuffing, you could even buy nice little pots to cook in and be decorative and buy nice little ornaments to put on your table, cloths and candles and cute little nick nacks.. How Sweet! Nevertheless know this.. The simplest things in life that take a person’s breath away are not what they bought but what they received that could not be bought.

Then I drove to the church, I wanted my children to have some play time in the ark and the treetop area..(I take them outside the house each day to play an hour, I think it’s good to burn some of the energy they have appropriately)   While I was there I noticed there were people waiting outside of the food pantry. They were desperate for food, some looking distressed and others just talking to the person standing next to them. Looking for a well needed hand out to  get them through this day. Of all the stuff they could afford, one of them is not food! (with layoffs going around some people are feeling the burn of it all) Thank God it’s not me!

I was floored that very moment.. Here it is I was doing nothing but complaining.. About the traffic when you go to WalMart, I even had a happy customer to sit and talk awhile before leaving so I would sit in my car and wait for about 10 extra minutes to park closer. I complained instead of giving thanks for the mere fact that I had a car(or 2). I also found myself complaining about the fact that  during this time of the year, you can find crowds of people every where you go.. All the malls are packed with people, all the stores you can find have people buying… Just Buying all sorts of things and who can even imagine the day after Thanksgiving. Shouldn’t this be making life easier, I thought, yet I complained. Little things mean nothing when you consider.. It could have been me out there with no food to eat and no clothes to wear. It could all be taken away in a matter of seconds.. We go into debt for things that will have no value in 3 months!

When it really dawned on me I almost stopped myself in my tracks and just fell face down that very moment. I have so much to be thankful for, I started counting my blessings.. I have health and strength.. Thank you Lord, you know someone is in the hospital and someone is dealing with bereavement of a loved one so I thank God for my loved one’s who are still alive.. I also had to face the fact that some people don’t have a house to live in, and I give thanks because Lord knows He could have just given me an apartment but He chose to bless us with a house. Some body is lonely this holiday season and I started thanking God for my husband’s companionship and then again someone has a bad marriage and no one is working. I starting thanking Him for the work He is doing in my marriage and the work He’s already done.. I also just started to consider how God had blessed me to have precious healthy children. I thought about the people who have children that are strung out on drugs and the people who have mentally disabled children. I started to think of the people who really have a hard time staying sane.. or keeping their cool.. and I said Lord thank you for being my helper, my comforter, my Rock and My support.. I don’t know half the stuff God protected me from but I sure thank Him for protection in this time.. I have so much to be thankful for I could fall out crying right now because nothing I just named should be taken for granted I can not do any of those things for myself.. Some one, somewhere is working on my behalf. I have to give thanks to God because I know it is Him!


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