Children who grow up!

It’s almost hard to imagine that 3 years ago I gave birth to my last child.. Aniah Bethel… Wow! She is absolutely bigger than what I imagined she would be right now..

It’s almost hard to imagine time has passed so fast. When she woke up this morning it was almost as if Aaron and I were waiting to be the first to wish her a happy birthday to let her know how loved she is by both of us.. As soon as I could I got up and gave her all her gifts.. I had originally said I would not buy her any baby dolls. Even though I had them growing up, I just always thought it was society’s way of preparing babies to have babies and I did not want my baby having a clue of what it felt like to have to care for another baby! When I decided to buy the baby doll it was in a state of mind when I was remembering the very first time I had gotten a baby doll.. I was the happiest child alive and after all I thought.. I would explain to her later the ramifications of having a baby and sex outside marriage and all.. With a lot of prayers she won’t have to suffer some of that..

She was thrilled, but Ben wanted it to be his birthday more than anyone else.. he was very upset in many ways because no one was celebrating him and no matter  how hard we wanted to, we could not say to him.. Today is Aniah and Benjamin’s birthday.. It is only the day Aniah was specifically meant to be born on.. As for him he would have his own birthday and he had to understand today was not that day, although that day will be here in just a few months.

As Aniah grows up and we only get to glance back at the years that passed, it makes them more valuable. Either we celebrate them with all the fun times or we grieve them for the time we lost, one way or another they pass and children grow up. At one point my youngest daughter will be my age and life will be in an entirely new season, am I prepared for that.. Will I be able to look back and say.. Wow! That was the good times and so is this!


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