Let’s Face it the world will be destroyed!

The World as we know it…. As old as it is, has been held together up until now only by the power of a word from God. It was created by One God and it is held together because He wills it to be so. Isn’t it funny that if you read the bible you will see that In the book of Genesis everything begins and in Revelation everything ends.. As we know it.. God says He is Alpha and Omega… I believe that one.. Because I could not have created myself and I could not have come from Apes. I believe  I am valuable and that I have an identity greater than myself. I am not my own god because I can not wake myself up in the morning and when I feel a little pain I can not make it go away on my own.

So what should we do in light of this? How ought we to live since we know that one day this world as we know it will end. If we live to please ourselves, we will die displeasing God, if we live pleasing God we honor ourselves. We know inwardly what is right from wrong, what we should and should not do..


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