Our eating choices in America

It is very easy to understand that the body was created to function a certain way. What we put in our body determines a great deal about how it functions. How we treat our body determines a great deal about how much life we will get out of it. Some of the benefits of healthy eating contribute to longevity. Risks of disease and heart attack can be lowered a great deal, even hereditary diseases can be fought against by the nutrients we feed our body and proper exercise. This is why the most important thing any human being can do is to be mindful of what they are fueling their body on. We each have choices to make every single day we wake up and live, we can look at our body as a car, it can not go without fuel and the right type of fuel makes all the difference on how long the car runs well.

The first thing that is important to remember is that without healthy nutrition for the body certain things take place. When the body is not being fed properly many people begin to gain extra weight. Obesity is a horrible thing to experience. Along with obesity come chances of the individual person losing the possibility of having a healthy life. When a person is obese they normally produce bad body odor. When a person is obese they are normally more sluggish and lazy than a person who is healthy and well. When a person is obese they have a lot of fatigue and need more rest time than a person who has a healthy metabolism. When a person is overweight it can very easily make life very miserable.

People who do not eat healthy make themselves more susceptible to disease. A disease ridden body is a body that can not enjoy life. When a person has health problems like Diabetes, the quality of their life is instantaneously taken away. Deadly diseases can be caused by not properly caring for the body. The statistics form a very bleak picture of how our society really looks in this respect. People have bodies that are overtaken with diseases like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and heart disease all of which are preventable and the worst thing is that they can be avoided but are not by such a great percentage of our population today. We are seeing the warning signs but still not heeding them at all.

Some of our greatest contributors to obesity, heart disease and cholesterol issues is right in front of us. We watch commercials on tv and we have a picture in our mind of a delicious cheeseburger and we want to go out to Wendy’s immediately and by it. Our children pass McDonald’s and we have to stop by because they get a free toy with the meal, or there’s a play area, I was at Mc Donald’s the other taking my kids to play and I wanted to buy them a grilled cheese sandwich, to my surprise the only thing McDonald’s would sell me was a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets in a kids meal… And they didn’t even offer me apples on the side instead of fries. That freaked me out. When a parent can not stop by a fast food restaurant and pick up a healthy sandwich for their children I scratch my head in disdain.

Then of course we have the vendors. The vending machines are every where.. Do they offer anything healthy? No! Vending machine will contribute to hyperactivity and they will also contribute to behavioral issues and obesity but they will not contribute to health in most cases. The things in the machines are normally filled with sugar and high amounts of every other bad thing you would want your children to eat. When we mention the word vending machine what normally comes to mind first? Potato Chips (salt and sugar infested) Cookies (Full of sugar) candy bars Filled with all sorts of things that cause hyperactivity in children. If it is a drinking machine it is normally going to be coke, sprite, 7 up, and other acidic drinks that are more harmful than helpful to anyone.

What can we say about our  grocery stores today in America. Sometimes I could slap the people who put this food up on their shelves that is killing people then they wonder why our country is dying off for lack of self control as it pertains to food. Food is all around, and doesn’t it taste good? Doesn’t it look good? Isn’t it easy to pick up and pop it in your mouth these days? In today’s approach we have so much processed foods I don’t know what to do with myself. It is true Americans have become a culture which likes things fast.. Isn’t it cheaper, to eat health would simply cost too much right? I beg to differ , to not eat healthy would cost too much.We want to be able to pick up food and eat it and no one has taken time to cook it anymore.

The new tradition is not to eat at the table all together as a family, but in front of the television separately.  We’ve stopped training out daughters to cook for their men and our sons to expect women that will feed them well and know how to cook too. We’ve traded that in for tv dinners. When we go to the grocery store we mainly waste money stacking up on foods that are really killing us while we think it is helpful to get something we can eat quickly, frozen dinners and such. Society is changing and it is for the worst, and it is going to be hard to turn things around because tradition is becoming old and antiquated.

The benefits of healthy eating and working out will always be under rated. One of the benefits of healthy eating is simply feeling your best. When the body is not so cluttered with all sorts of junk to process which should not be processed in the body it feels cleaner and is able to function more effectively. Anyone can say that when they feel their best life is a whole lot better. To eat healthy means so many things. It means resting better at night. People who eat healthy maintain a healthy weight. Most importantly they can possibly prolong the life they should have on the earth. It is not so much about quantity of days but quality of days that makes all the difference.

How do we do that? It is not as hard as it sounds for the mind that is ready to embrace change and work it in over time.  We have got t change our perspective and start looking at food as something to fuel us not something to comfort us. Being mindful of what we eat, sometimes marking down the foods we eat throughout the day so we can see what we are consuming is an eye opener. Sometimes we can eat out of emotions and that can be very bad, sometimes we eat just because we see food, or a friend invited us when we are not hungry and sometimes we eat just because we have nothing else to do. When we get out of the normal we can experience a different life, it is about creating a new normal and experiencing the life we are supposed to have. It is about understanding that we can control what we put in our mouth to eat, we can know what it means to our health and be more mindful to make better decisions.

5 thoughts on “Our eating choices in America

  1. Kev,

    This article was very good and truthful.

    Oh yeah, I should always remember this part. “We’ve stopped training out daughters to cook for their men and our sons to expect women that will feed them well and know how to cook too.”

    I know, pray for me….lol. Love you.

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