All Alone!

I can just imagine it.. All alone on a beach.. No, scratch that.. I would never want to be all alone on a beach. Granted, sometimes I can use a breather, from everything and everyone. Sometimes, I just call my husband and I say.. “Honey, I’m gonna need a small break!” Well, then he just comes home and honors my request to give me that well needed time alone. You see every now and then I think it is okay to have time alone.. but for me that sometimes, is not all the time. There are two types of people.. Extroverts and Introverts.. people that love people and can not live without being around others and there are some people who would do so much better if they never had to be around another person again in their lives..

Well, then there’s people like me.. Right smack dab in the middle.. I don’t like to be all alone all the time.. and I certainly don’t like to always have a whole bunch of people around, because at some point they become a liability and I find myself trying to entertain them, or them bending over backwards to entertain me and we don’t get to just live. I think that’s when things start looking ugly for me and I need to have that time by myself.

With children, however.. you rarely get that.. maybe when the kids grow up, but by then.. Well, who cares! You want the kids with you because you found out it’s way too boring and quiet without them.. You adjust to whatever life you have but the person you are never changes.

Now I just want to say this as I close.. It does not matter what type of person you are.. You will always need people and you will never be able to do life alone, so as much as I would like to imagine myself on a beach with  my own little thoughts, all alone, for some reason it makes for a much better thought being a fantasy of being there with my husband alone, or building castles with my little children.. taking pictures to remember when I see my grandbaby’s!


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