Cleaning up the inside is more important!

This morning, while I was thinking about raising up little children that are productive to our society, I thought of some of the mechanisms people have used in the past. You know mama would whip you in a moment. Stop that boy, before I sock you one. They said that worked.. The “white” people have got it all wrong the black mama in the grocery store would say.. If you give me 5 minutes with their child, watch and see what “I” can do.. I always tend to laugh at that.. because I know in my heart if they knew the responsibility that comes along with having a child for 10 minutes they would immediately retract that statement. Furthermore what are you going to do?? Hit them across their heads with a hammer a couple of times.. and then tell them they better shut up the crying and fence in their emotions so they can grow up to be little psychopaths.. I love this.. See hardly anyone gets it right, because some people just say..”Little Timmy now, Stop doing that son. Don’t do that or I will take away your toy and you won’t eat any snacks today..” Does that deal with the attitude of that child’s heart or their behavior.. Honestly, they are disobeying and they need to know that the behavior is not acceptable.. Boy are you teaching them right.. One extreme to the next we hop.. I can honestly see that there are so many things going on behind that behavior that need much more than a socking it that shocked me.

Sometimes we can be “whitewashed tombs” if you know what I mean  We create children and live ourselves addressing only the outside.. we just want to look pretty on the outside. Can we fix ourselves up or what? We get the best jobs and the best income, the biggest cars and the best make up. We get the nicest designer suits so we make a killing when we go somewhere, everyone compliments how we look because we are so proper and we have so much when people come to our house their jaws drop. And the inside we leave undone so it is as stinky as deteriorated bones in a grave, although the outside looks beautiful and pretty, we have created such a dirty inside that nothing can stay there that is good.

When I consider this I think about my little one’s. If you have little children maybe you have experienced this.. The selfish stage. With a 3 and 4 year old I tell you I get a little bit of it all.. Selfishness shows itself through one wanting a toy, while the other one goes with out. Sometimes one of them wants to see the other get in trouble, mainly that’s Benjamin, he will tell on Naya in a moment, but she rarely tells on him.. See even in that I can tell who has what in their heart.. I’ve come to realize if I do not sit down, take time and talk to them about the issue in their hearts it will never be changed. And while I think I am just a stay at home mom. NO! I am really shaping the future life of 2 little people and the truth is.. What they become depends on me a great deal..I am cultivating gifts and bringing out their talents and showing them a more productive way to benefit society than going out and getting even when someone does you something wrong and being able to have a balanced life and not always wanting to be the star of the show.

Now your probably saying.. “I don’t have little children, I certainly don’t need to be told about how important it is to work on the inside. I’m a grown up adult.. Are you kidding me!” Well, honey I have got news even for you. There were a group of people back in the day, they were called Pharisees and Sadd-u- see’s.. See they were worshiping God with all forms of outward worship, but on the inside they were so dead, stinky and dirty. Their inward lives looked nothing like the lives they were portraying to be so pretty on the outside. It was obvious they spent a lot of time in the bible but they spent even more time pointing the finger at the others, who weren’t doing right than seeing the wrong in themselves.

I think somehow our society has come to a high point in doing that. WE see all the wrong in everyone else, but leave ourselves out of it. Forget the fact that we are filled with bitterness and anger and resentment and hatred for some people because of wrongs they have done.. We forget about the wrongs we have done and that even we need forgiveness.. As I work on my little children.. Precious one’s… I can work on myself. Because who they become hinges a great deal on who I am.. You might as well say I am raising up little mini me’s and what will the results be. When  I am presented with the bi- product of who I am.. I sure hope I like myself..LOL!


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