Are we grateful at all anymore!

I used to complain… When the water did not get as hot as I wanted, but I realize there’s someone else who has no water at all.. I used to complain when my children were making loud noises or asking a lot of questions, but then I realized there’s some mother out there who wishes her child could talk at all, or was even alive, I now have a new appreciation for my bed although I used to constantly complain that we have the loudest bed this side of heaven.. I used to complain when the internet did not come up as fast as I wanted it to, but now I realize there’s somebody who does not have food on their table and someone is homeless and forget about wanting the internet, they just need some food.. Nourishment to sustain their body.. While I talk about how much we have to spend on food each week, Lord, I can not imagine not having the money to buy it.. Lord, I have not been really grateful for this big beautiful house you blessed us with yet I realize there are people living in huts made of mud or under a bridge or in an apartment where there is nothing but noise all around.. Last night when I rode home from church and I turned on the streets there wasn’t anyone hanging around, it was completely quiet, what a blessing because I know what it is like to live in a crime infested neighborhood..

Suddenly I realize.. I don’t have a reason to complain anymore.. When I woke up this morning I did not have pain in my body at all.. while other wake up in hospital wards with bodies ridden with diseases and cancers… My Goodness what was I thinking.. I realized that something as simple as clean water, clean air to breathe that have always come normal to me, could have easily been taken away.. and even though I lost my sweet mama last year and I am still heavily grieving I am so thankful that she lived… So grateful she had a chance to hug me one time and she had a chance to tell me she loved me and I could tell her back.. In fact her last words to me were ” I love you more” I can not imagine a life without my mama.. And even though she is gone now.. I have found a way to have peace being thankful that she even lived until I was in my late 20’s… I am thankful for the relationship with my siblings, I do realize that my children don’t have to get along but God blessed them to have unity, some siblings have not spoken for years, but I thank the Lord that I am still able to be close to my family members..

Hidden manna, this is food for my soul, when I realize how far I have come, I have all the things I did not have growing up as a little girl from the Florida projects.. I suddenly realize I would do well not to be ungrateful another day in my life!


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