Becoming Gamers!

This is something I absolutely never thought I would say. I have… well, not always been against gamers.. When I was growing up we had our share of nintendo and sega genesis and all, and atori’s and everything else.. However when I grew up I kind of felt like I grew out of that.. I felt like that was a great distraction from life.. when I could be doing something productive why would I waste time on a tv playing a foolish game..

Yes, that was how I thought. I thought it was a waste of time and money and whoever invested in something like that would eventually regret it because so many hours would be lost to their life that would be unfruitful it would be shameful.
Yet here I am…

This evening my husband and I bought  a Wii Nintendo. Yes, we decided together that it was something we wanted to try because supposedly this is something supported by the AHA. When you got the American Heart Association backing you up and you say you are all for keeping me active and moving well, I get interested. As many people know I’m an exercise freak.. I love exercising a little bit more than the average person, but don’t despair I still love God more. I love the way keeping my body in motion makes me feel.

If indeed this game could follow through on it’s promise and keep my children moving and fit and playing sports I was not all against that..

So, we bought it.. When we had finally finished setting it up the first thing we played was the Wii Sports and it was basically bowling, tennis, base ball, golfing, and boxing.. I thought those were pretty good picks, all to keep me moving.. I tried the bowling, tennis, and the training boxing and by the time I finished my arms were fatigued and I was really happy I had bought that game when I saw my son Benjamin run like 5 rounds on the bag training and the dodging the balls..

What’s my response about Wii.. I guess you can say I have been converted to a gamer.. I think this is very educational in many ways. My children are now exercising and by the way, so am I.. I like the fact that it is not teaching them to always fight to get to the end, but they are learning about sports which is very healthy and in fact a part of life and I like that..

It is my prayer that we continue to time ourselves so that we do not become so overly involved in this that we allow it to change our lives totally for the worst.. but indeed I am looking forward to this wii system making a change for the better.. Praise the Lord! LOL!


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