The time passes!

Mama used to always say..”Time never waited on no body and it sho ain’t gon’ wait on you” You have got to make the most of every moment and don’t waste any of it.

I was just watching out the window my little one’s were playing in the backyard and Naya was playing in the dirt, (putting it in her pale) as if she were collecting some hidden treasure and Benjamin was going about kicking his little ball as if his whole livelihood depended upon on it and I suddenly realized, that is really all that matters to my babies.. At 3 and 4 years old.. All that matters is playing in the dirt and kicking a ball.. My haven’t we complicated things as the adults.. Things are not always as they seem but sometimes they are even better.

If you ask a child what really matters they can’t rightly tell you.. They don’t inwardly know all they need is love, some food and shelter.. Well, they would come to you and say they need toys, or some thing that is really not a need but ultimately they are only trying to fill a need.. A need that can only be filled by one source.

Without being taught that the one major need we have can only be filled by one source.. The void we feel on the inside can not be filled by getting a new car, or a new house, or a younger spouse who is more spontaneous… or in some cases a spouse at all.. What we need to fill our voids are much greater, but as time passes we keep trying to fill it with more money, more power or simply more food.. Life is hard sometimes, but as time passes and it gets harder, we think work hard, play hard, but it is not that way at all..

The greatest need we could ever have can only be filled one way.. and if we never get that one truth in our hearts we will always search never to find and always need never to receive fulfillment..

Be blessed today!

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