What does an ideal person look like!

I realize now that each and every single day I can see something new and spectacular about God I did not see on yesterday and it is always absolutely amazing!

God is in control of all things at all times.. He is always aware, and nothing ever happens that catches Him off guard as a matter of fact sometimes we don’t understand His plans but we know that whatever it is, it is working for our good and not to make us bitter but always better.

As I am studying the bible chronologically, it is amazing to see even in Chapter one of Job..(I get stuck on chapters and it takes me a moment to get out)But there is a dialogue between satan and God and God actually initiated this and brings up Job to satan. How amazing is that.. God control and orchestrates every incident in my life.. because His hedge of protection is around those who fear Him.. Obviously Job was a righteous and blameless man who feared God and hated evil.. That does not mean he was perfect because I believe no one was perfect who walked this earth but Jesus, yet I was encouraged to know this.. God would still brag on a mere man.

When I look at the life of Job, the man wreaked of blessing. He has all these cattle, sheep, oxen, donkey and very many servants.. Is this really what the life of a person who pleases God looks like.. (“I reckon so”) thats an old saying my mama used to say!

Job was going about his life while this conversation was going on and he was living to the fullest, boy would I like to live to the fullest like that. Job, was living abundantly when suddenly one day God tells satan he has everything Job owns in his hand. What does satan do.. Destroys it all because he believed seriously that if he could get to all the stuff Job had he could make him curse God. It was never about the things, it was about Job cursing God.. it was a battle and it was on.. God trusted Job to do the right thing and satan trusted him to do the wrong thing.. because he was man after all right?
Well, God was in control when they came and told Job that the Sabeans had attacked and taken his donkey and oxen, God was still in control when the servant told him that all his camels had been burned by a fire from Heaven, the bible said it was from God! The Chaldeans are unleashed to take all the rest of his cattle…God was still in control when they told him that his 7 sons and 3 daughters were all killed in one day by a strong wind… That was amazing to me.. but God was still in control through it all..

What does Job do.. the man falls on the ground and worships. He does not get upset, he does not fret about how he will eat or anything, he simply worships.. Weren’t we created to worship, how often would we do that… when all hell is breaking loose.. Job is an example of what God desires from every human being thats walking the face of the earth today.. Instead of seeking it all, understanding it can all be taken away in a moment and should it be, still being faithful to worship!

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