The Story behind St. Nick!

Finally, at the age of 30, I get to hear the story about Saint Nick. This was indeed very helpful for me, because I was just in the midst of telling my children.. Don’t you believe nothing this world is telling you about Christmas, they even put an X in the place of Christ to express the day.. This world will give you the wrong definition.. According to the world this is what Christmas means; “Be good, (do good things all year) get enough good marks on your report card and a visitor called Santa will come and give you gifts for it”  It’s a time when everyone is supposed to be happy and jolly and giving and receiving.

I came to learn that a lot of this was just twisted truth.. See I also learned the legend this year behind the candy cane, so I have been a learning somebody.. also the Christmas tree, I vaguely heard that it is also symbolic to the star that pointed to Jesus Christ who would save and redeem all people. You see, I should have kept that Christmas tree I bought last year instead of thrown it away..LOL!

Now, for the truth about St. Nick..aka (Santa) he was an actual person, but he never lived in the North Pole, he lived in Greece a very long time ago. His parents taught him about God, that God is about love and love always gives… You see you can give without loving, but you will never love without giving.. His father showed him this in his actions as he would help out as many people as he could whenever he could.. When Nicholas was very young, his parents died, because wherever there was a need, they were there.. You see, they got a deadly virus from someone else trying to help them heal from their illness. So, now he had to carry on this legacy they had left.. Everyone would come to him to get some food and to have things his father did for them without hesitation. It became too much for him and he went to Israel, and during this time he realized, “We don’t give to be happy, we give because we are happy, because of what Christ did for us when He died on the cross” This part touched my heart.. I will never give to anyone again because I want to feel good.. that feeling comes from knowing Christ as savior alone, I give because He first gave to me and I am honored to imitate him..
This is what Saint Nicholas did. The mayor was really a mean and evil person who wanted no one to give anything if they were not gaining anything in return so he had to find a way to “give in secret” he used a disguise and had a helper one of his friends, and they did it together, whenever they saw someone who had a need and they could help them, they would give that person what they needed in remembrance of what Christ had done.

This is why you must always be asleep when Santa comes and he is a mysterious being.. This is why, he can not be seen dropping off your gift.. It is not based on your merit or because you have done anything good, it is based on his knowledge of what God has done for him that he gives freely..

So much has been added to this message and I am full because now I can clearly say I had a santa this year.. It was God who met an awesome need my husband and I had just yesterday and I know who it was and I know their name, it was not goodness of our own, but God decided to drop something off for us and because of that we are ever more grateful and want to do the same for someone else in need now so they can get the same feeling we had..

I want you all to have a blessed and wonderful Christmas and I want you to remember that the reason for the season is not always receiving but Dear Lord teach us to give!


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