Scripture memorizing!

Happy New Year… Yes indeed! I definitely think this year is going to have a lot of treats, and I am so blessed to be walking with the Lord this year too.. I am becoming a strong believer about memorizing scriptures and teaching them to my little children along the way.. So I will submit one Scripture every 14 days to be memorized, think about it as much as you can and apply it to your life as you meditate on it.. Every entry I write during that time will correlate with that particular verse for that period of time.. How sweet will this be.. Write it down on paper and keep it near then most importantly write it in your heart..

Scripture #1 January 1-14

Proverbs 16: 21

The wise in heart are called discerning, and gracious words promote instruction.

I also want to encourage you to do word searches on the key words as I will blog about them as well! Well, once or twice a day skim the verse quickly, ponder it in your heart and your on your way.. Be blessed!


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