Proverbs 16:21

As we venture off into this new year it amazes me how someone can have in memory so many scripture but live absolutely no part of that scripture because of the lack of understanding thereof.

When I read through Proverbs 16:21 several times until I had committed it to my memory, it was still not enough..when I started doing word searches, every single time I thought about that scripture in the corner of my mind I knew that the truth in it  was not what I was doing in my daily..

So just a refresher.. The first 14 days of January memory Scripture is Proverbs 16:21 in the NIV translation it reads..

“The wise of heart are called discerning, and pleasant words promote instruction.”

I chose the NIV translation because it is easier to read and understand than many of the other versions out there today..

Then we look at the key words to this scripture they unlock a lot of things for us.. For starters let look up that word Discerning, since if we find out it’s meaning we know what we are saying when we ask God to give us the grace to be “wise at heart”. I don’t know about you but I certainly want to be wise at heart.. (Discerning)

Discerning-To have or show good judgment, understanding, perceptive.

Obviously, discernment is not something you can buy from anywhere but I totally think it is worth having. The ability to make good decisions and not foolish ones, out of impulse.

The next word in this text I want to dig into is .. Pleasant.. I know what words are but when I think about pleasant, I can come up with a few definitions but I want to look it up to be sure, will you go there with me.

Pleasant- Giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment. It is to be agreeable and kind. Friendly, considerate, likeable.

One thing I loved about Jesus was that He could give some of His harshest rebukes in a calm and friendly voice, without an exclamation point. You could tell in the tone of the writing He was not yelling. I think for some reason yelling or raising my voice should not be a part of my life because I am God’s child. Man, I have to work on that one.. To be pleasant means that when I have to discipline my children I can tell them what I need to say in a kind way, where they only feel shame from their behavior, not mine. Man, i want to be like Jesus today!

When I think about the word instruction I immediately think learning.  Something like what the law is.

But first I have to look up the word promote.. You and I both know what promote means… To further the progress of something, someone, or a lesson being taught. If I am promoting something that means it is something I want you to buy or some place I want you to go and visit in hopes you will sell.. So we have a clue about this!

Let’s put it all together now.

If I have good judgment I have a wise heart.. This means I am to carefully consider my decisions, nothing I do is done in a vacuum, the money I spend,w hat I spend it on, the food I eat, the places I go… All of this can be done more wisely.   someone or something is affected by every decision I make I would pray they are affected positively and not negatively and I can be known as one who is wise at heart.

Then when I look at speaking in an agreeable friendly way even when I have to say something not so nice, the person I am talking to will understand more clearly and not so much rebel against me or the way I said a thing but thing about the matter to discuss it rationally and if I am operating out of wisdom and not foolishness, they will willingly oblige if I am kind. Don’t they go together in your mind now.. more later!


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