Motivation is so important!

In anything you do.. You will always need motivation.. Look at the scripture I am memorizing, my motivation for acting out in discernment is because I will become wise at heart.. My motivation for speaking pleasantly is promoting instruction.. and now to the other things.. What about weight, what about health, what about spending.. All this indeed comes from making right judgment.. I have to make this decision, and I have to make it daily!

I am watching the biggest loser tonight.. My first time watching the show.. Indeed, I am blessed not to be faced the challenges some of these people are, but I would never like to be either. They are all motivated by particular things ofcourse but let the record show they are all motivated by someone…. or something.. Be in a family member or even health.

I loved watching their determination.. and I was amazed, I mean that literally. But in my life, what has been motivating me. I have been working out almost 5 years now, since the birth of my son, but more than that.. since the birth of my sweet little girl.. I dedicated myself to it because I hated myself overweight, I hated the bigger clothes and feeling big, unable to move, sleepier than anyone else.. I wanted more energy out of life and most of all I wanted this weight off.. I was determined and the only thing that motivated me was Health.. Just a healthy life.

So what motivates most people today.. Sometimes I just get motivated by a big date night coming up, and sometimes I get motivated by a vacation my husband and I plan, sometimes I get motivated by something the bible has promised me and sometimes I am motivated to be able to afford something I could not before when my spending was out of control. I am not all there yet.. I have not attained at all..yet the hardest thing is to watch people around you who have potential but are not willing to fight for a better life, better health, prioritizing God first and that’s heart breaking.. thats all I want to say!


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