The needed thing!

Growing up in a society like the one we live in it’s very hard to get a grip on needing one particular thing. Some people say; “What the world needs now is love!” I agree with them. But if the world needs love, why are we seeking so many other things instead of to love each other. If the world truly needed love, why are there so many rapes per minute, and why is there so much crime. If the world needs love would we not be mindful enough to take care of each other, not for a selfish reason, but for the sake of love!

We seek no particular thing these days, today it might be an iphone, tomorrow it will be an ipad.. technology has given our eyes so much to look at.. I call it the “lust of the eyes”, because they do it knowing when people see these types of things because we are a society based on a thrill we will definitely buy it because wow.. can’t we justify it, it’s a great privilege we have today we have never had before… We want things for a season, then when we have had them little over 2 months, it’s time for the next new thing.

I saw this in my children… When I would buy them something for Christmas, the moment they see it, they are very thankful, they love me for it, they are smiling with big happy faces.. they are filled with excitement and can not take their eyes off the gift I have given them. They play with that toy, every second of every hour, sometimes it gets quite annoying because I just want them to leave it alone and move on, but they won’t for that brief day.. I realize all I have to do is wait for tomorrow and they will not really want anything to do with that toy at all, because suddenly it becomes old and in order to grab their attention again I will have to keep buying them something new.. Wouldn’t that be a waste of time, because I would spend up all my money trying to get them to stay excited about one thing, but they never will be because the excitement is not in the thing itself its in a crave and great desire for something new all the time..

I am going to be so bold to make this post about a God who makes all things new. Sometimes, it is said that this is cliche, how could someone possibly say that relationship with God is the answer to all my questions. Well, we hide behind things, we hide behind, people closes to us as we addict ourselves to them, we hide behind liquor, food, gambling, drugs, it’s a cover, veiling our real need for something deeper, something greater.. So when our “only if’s” come to past, when we get that thing we were thinking would make us happy, well sooner or later it grows stale and we realize we are still missing something.

About a year ago, I purchased a new cell phone.. I had fought back and forth for months to buy this phone… It’s called a Gravity 2, Samsung. I loved it because I am a person who text a lot.. I loved the fact that it has a querty keyboard. I loved that it had a camera, among so many other things, it was new, stylish and better than my flip phone which was not even sold in any store anymore for goodness sake. I made a covenant with myself that if I pay this money for this phone, I will not be getting a new one for awhile. Sure enough only 2 months after I had completed paying for it on the payment plan 4 months later,  I wanted something new.. something different, something better, something nicer.. well, needless to say I fell prey to this same trend that life has to have thrills to it, life needs to be pleasurable to and for me all the time..So this is what I have taught my children so far to my detriment.

The needed thing is a relationship with the God and His Son. The needed thing is to have a life that is filled with unhindered communion with the God of the universe who sent His Son to die to give us a relationship with Him without any strings attached. This to me is what makes all the difference. You  see we will all die some day and when we do die, we will not take any of the things we accumulated with us, so let us be mindful that the life ahead is eternity while this one at some point must end.. Live for a higher reason!


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