Things aren’t what they seem!

Today, I want to touch on a very touchy subject. I want to talk about my very life. In the time and place we live in, life is just a game to most people. It is all about competition, who can make the most money, who can see the most places, who can have the most children, or not.. Who can dance the best, who can sing the best.. Whose got the most talent. Our society is built on this statement: “May the Best Man Win” Don’t we know that in this life is one person wins that means someone has got to lose.
Who likes to lose?
I just thought I would throw that question out there! By the way, I don’t think any one starts off in college hoping to drop out and I don’t think anyone starts off with a marriage thinking they will lose their mind and get a divorce. It just gradually happens, because nothing is any more about completing anything but more so about competing in everything.

My theory today will sound very strange, but I hope I have one believer in this. What if our bodies were not our own. But we were living for a higher purpose beyond ourselves. What if life was not about meeting our goals, but meeting someone else who has goals for us. I think to myself in pondering when I think of that. Because if that were the case a lot of mothers would not be so busy pursuing a college degree, while working three and four jobs, but they would spend more time with their toddlers and infants knowing that in the end when they have to leave this earth, these are the very people who will carry on who they are. What happens if we fail at parenting? Isn’t that what is happening in our society and my what a mess we have made.

What if things aren’t as they seem. What if we think we will work really hard to go to the Bahama’s with our girl-friend and we skip out and die just short of reaching any goal we set for ourselves. I would like to submit to you. You can not predict what will happen to you this very evening, you can not predict what will happen to you tomorrow and you surely can not control or predict your future.. So what if this life you live were not your own.. What if you were not your own, but you really did belong to God all the time? Would you give up your will to follow His, your plans, to meet His? That’s a very hard question…. that must be answered everyday of your life!


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