Children who honor parents!

Today, I learned a lesson that was a little challenging. It is solely the responsibility of the parent, if you are a parent to teach a toddler how to honor you.

That knocked my socks off so I thought I would share it with you.

I often speak about how in our society, things get so touchy with parenting. It’s a sticky subject because many people want to have children, but few of them want to be parents. It’s okay to lay down and make the baby, but when the hard work comes in of rearing another human being, it’s so hard we run away from it. I know, that’s a hard one to take it, but if you’ll just look around.. You will see that our society reflects single parenting now in record numbers, fathers are more prone to get up and walk away from their own children and even mothers more so these days than ever can walk away from their little babies strung out on drugs. I have even gone so far as to meet people who say when they had children their lives were ruined.. When the bible clearly says that Children are a blessing.

I think the answer here is that we are not choosing to do parenting right. I think that we are not doing it the prescribed way. I know someone might say, there’s no book that teaches you how to be a parent.. Oh but there is.. Why don’t you and I both take some tips from the “good book”  God Himself knows how to be a parent and shows us clearly in His word. So, let it be known for the record there is a manual for every area in life.. It is prayer and constant submission to the will of God who has placed the Holy Spirit in us to lead us.. We should do this more often as we are submitting to the word of God and doing what it says.

This week I will end my memorization of Proverbs 16:21 and go on to Proverbs 3:5-6, I think this will be a real treat.

However.. as a parent… I look over Pr. 16:21 “The wise at heart are called discerning and pleasant words promote instruction”

My job as a parent is to instruct my child.. Instruct them to do what? To honor me as a parent. As little children, they have no clue what the word honor, means they have no idea what anything means so to teach something to someone on a consistent basis means either I myself must learn it or know how to do it, so I may teach it, I can not teach what I myself have never learned.. For instance, if I want my children not to yell at each other, well, I can not yell at them every chance I get right.. that would be lacking integrity of the thing I am trying to teach.

When I think about teaching, instructing with kind words, or words that promote growth of honor I have to go back to Moses, a man who was known for his meekness but had a fatal flaw that caused him to miss the promised land.. his anger.. He struck the rock and did not honor God in front of others.. God said because Moses did not honor Him in front of all those people he would have to be punished.. Why? Because God’s honor was most important.. The parent is always to be honored, you know why? If you don’t honor me inside the house when we go outside you are really going to embarrass me, God was not going to repeat Himself, He was just going to issue the consequence and hopefully you could recover from it. Unfortunately Moses did not recover, He never made it into the promised land because of one act of Dishonor to His God.. What does that look like for us?? What does that look like for Me? Am I being as diligent as God in carrying out my consequence for disobedience so my children are not like everyone else’s children.. Always remember, to get what no one else has, you have to be willing to do what no one else does and trust me, in the end, you’ll realize this life is not a destination but an every day journey to be shared with those you love, so speak kindly and live wisely! Be blessed!


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