Prayer at the heart beat.. but so much more!

Today, I have to tell this story! I absolutely believe in prayer, I believe it should be the heart beat of every heartfelt follower of Christ who desires to live in His ways..

Yet there does come a time when we have to step out of the prayer closet and do something. We can pray until we are blue in the face about anything from of marriage, to our educational goals.. But it is not until we get up off our rump that we will ever see the desired result.
It is like praying and saying: “Dear God, It’s me your child, I am having a bit of a problem, I am overweight, as a matter of fact obese.. I definitely believe you have the power to bring me to a healthy weight!” You can pray that prayer every single day that you live but you will die of high cholesterol and diabetes and heart disease, if you never made a major change not to be obese anymore. If you do not turn over your plate, if you are not willing to work out at all.. Trust me it will not come about by osmosis that you will become a healthy weight.

Today, my precious sweet dear little children were just acting quite childish to be honest. Yes, that’s what I want to say, they were acting like a 3 and 4 year old should act. I can not change them and make them grown up adults, and I really would not want to, this is a critical part of their lives and I agree it should not be skipped. This is where the cement is still yet wet and their little brains can be programmed any way I choose being the primary caretaker with them all the time during the day.  If they act out  it becomes a matter of me using my authority as a parent to get them in place, not to whimper and say.. “I sure do need to pray!”  or something like; “I sure could use some prayer!”

No I trust that I have everything in me that it takes to be a good parent. I do not need to ask God if I have what it takes to qualify me to get through this season, I simply have to do this season and gain the character He wants to build in me. I have only one thing to do.. Act! I know what is to be done and I know what my job is.. So why would I say.. Let me just pray about it when I have authority to take control of it. I would be just like the obese person who prays to lose weight, God has already given me everything I need to change my situation the most I can do is pray and give my day to Him and trust that He will lead me on the best way to rear my children in a way that would glorify Him.

So while prayer is the very life of anyone who believes in God.. I do know that there are times when the lifestyle has to reflect that we have been praying when we put feet to our words we believe to see God do.


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