Proverbs 3:5-6

This is going to be a real treat. For the next 2 weeks we will be meditating on the 2 scriptures from Pr. 3:5-6__ How awesome.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”

During the course of this study I want to take one phrase at a time and break it down. Since Jesus said.. “You will know the truth and the truth will make you free” I really want to zero in on, Knowing.. It means to have an intimate knowledge. Since He is the truth if we know Him,( The Word of God) we will have no choice but to be free!

I want to start out with just this simple phrase: “Trust in the Lord”
I know there is so much more this scriptures adds to that but if we don’t first get this basic part down we will never get the rest.

Let’s do a word search on the word Trust.. What does it mean to trust? It means to rely on, to be confident in, to have a firm belief in the integrity, honesty and justice of a thing or person. It means literally to completely Rely on His ability!

Can you honestly say today that you Rely on and are confident in God’s ability to be honesty, to do what He says and to give you justice when you have been wrong?

Now look at who it says to trust in..
“The Lord”

This is foundational for us all to understand. We don’t have a problem trusting in a lot of things, we trust in our money to bring us through a problem, yes, we do, because we say, if I only had enough money, or more money, things would be better.. We trust in our education to land us a good job so we will be well off, we trust in our spouse, and sometimes we just want them to be God and set expectations they will never meet. We trust in the car we drive that it will work when we go outside and start it up and it will get us where we have to go.. We don’t have a problem trusting in many things unknowingly.. But we have a true problem trusting in the Lord. We even trust in the security system, we trust Obama to pass the right laws and our congressman and women to be just, and our judges in the courthouses to make the law work on our behalf and not against us, unless it’s f0r our own well being.

The word Lord means to be Master, to be Ruler, to be Owner of something or someone. Therein we find our biggest dilemma. When I say Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life.. What does that mean? Does That mean He’s Lord of certain area’s of my life, but don’t … Please Lord, don’t come into my finances, I don’t want to have to tithe and give to others, Lord, are you kidding me… I need to buy things, I have a family can’t you see that .. I mean we have problems making Him Lord.. After we realize that we have to trust Him with absolutely everything we began to back up in fear.. But what if that means I have to trust you with my future. What if that means I can not trust in more education to get me more money? Lord, now you know that would just put me in a place that I really don’t want to go, uncertainty.. Wondering, and worrying because I have not prepared…. I have just trusted and did what you said. Sometimes I think our hardest issue is facing what we don’t know. We never know what will happen when we trust God, you see we would rather handle it ourselves, make provisions and open our own doors.. but we do trust Him to be our parent sometimes.. like when we are in a bad place, stuck between a rock and a hard place, man do we know how to pray in those times..  Wait.. DO we even trust God as our Father.. Lord is pretty steep, but even if you go into a Father it’s amazing that a relationship with a Father means more than just coming to you when I am about to get robbed or I need you to make a way for my house loan to get approved…. My little children.. I have 3 by the way, but 2 live in the same house with me.. My 3 and 4 year old never worry about if they will have food for lunch, first of all they could not go out on their own any way and earn money to afford it.. They are not mentally ready to handle the challenges that come along with that type of responsibility, so when it is cold outside they trust that I will get them dressed warm enough so when they go outside they are not freezing because I will make sure that they do not have to face any harm because  I am their parent. The most beautiful part in all of this is that they trust me without question.. They don’t have to ask me.. Mommy, are we going to have lunch today? And they certainly never have to ask me, mommy, will we have a bed to sleep in tonight.. They trust that I will provide them with the things they need and most of all the love they need to sustain them. We all do need to know we are loved you know.

When I think about trusting.. Trusting the Lord is something new.. We as adults don’t quite understand. You see people and things have let us down all too often, and we fail to realize the Lord is not like any of them. If we fully understand that He is the owner of everything. He is truly the Master of the Universe and He created everything there is, then we know wealth belongs to Him if the whole world belongs to HIM, Then we know that He has a million ways to meet every need we have because all power is in His hand. After all He is Lord of all.. He is not only our Lord, but He is Lord.. of all creation.. What a wonderful thought to take to bed with you at night.. to think that He wants to be called Father, and He wants relationship with you and me.. and He wants us to trust Him is absolutely mind boggling but it is exactly what this scripture says.. God has been faithful in the past, whether we choose to admit that or not and that in itself makes Him worthy of our trust.. Make a decision today, with big things, even with little things.. Trust Him.. Trust in the Lord..

Man, have I got more to share with you.. Keep posted!


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