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I certainly hope every one is warm and dry today. It is what my mama would call a “double whammy” it’s raining and it’s cold. Two things that don’t go well together. So here in Dallas we are getting it this morning, but one thing we know is that it will pass.

I feel elated to continue on in this series on meditating on Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord, with all your Heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways remember Him and He will make your paths straight and smooth.”

There’s an old song that says.. “I will trust in the Lord, I will trust in the Lord, I will trust in the Lord, til I die.. I’m gonna stay on the battlefield, til I die!”
Those are nice words to sing, normally when we are singing them we are standing to our feet clapping our hands with a big smile on our face and some may remain seated and lift their hands and say “yes Lord”.. Because we sang that song as an old spiritual. We even agree whenthey sing the part..”Im gonna treat everybody right, til I die…” No, I didn’t forget that part.

When we say we will trust in the Lord til we die what does that mean? Til we die.. that’s a mighty long time isn’t it. As we said in the last entry, to trust is basically to rely on, to depend on, to have firm belief in the integrity, honesty and justice of someone or something. We talked about how we find it easier to trust in things more than the Lord, when the bible clearly says to trust in Him.. as Lord, owner, master of your life.
I was meeting with a friend sometime last week and she was wondering “Why do I feel like God is just using me as a pawn. It’s like a battle between God and satan and they are playing checkers to see who will win, and I am just being moved about as a little pawn in His hands.” I thought immediately.. I would not want to be moving myself around, so if we are going to be a pawn in anybody’s hand why not be the pawn in God’s hand.. Herein is the message for the day.. If we don’t trust God it becomes very hard to move about freely as He moves you because you never know where He will move you.

I do understand there are some people who can sang that song we sang above and they can grove and sway when things are going well, but you just let that car break down and it’s cold and rainy outside, you just let one of my kids get sick in any way, you just let my marriage go through something huge, we’ll see how much I trust the Lord then. we trust Him when our bank account is full of money and our refrigerators are stocked with food and when we have all the things we want.. BUT when the bottom falls out and we meet a little boy who was molested by a priest and we have to say.. But God was moving the little boy to the place He wanted him to be.. How do we trust God with the little girl being hurt by her own father or abandoned.

One thing God never imposes on is free will, but He promises to make all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. It may very well be His purpose that I get pregnant and have to go through not 1 or 2 but every pregnancy alone. It may be His will that my mother dies when I am 28 and my little sister is only 13.. It might very well be His will that she suffered so much so many years before she died, because He is Sovereign I choose to believe it was and it is working together for my good. When life slaps you one and you are left laying there on the floor, will you humble yourself turn around and lay on your face and say “But Lord though you slay me yet will I trust you” I know it’s harder said than done when you are in that situation.

The next verse I want to work on with you is “With all your Heart!” When I say with all your heart what do I mean. Several months ago I did a word search on what does heart actually mean, is it that place in our chest that beats and pumps blood or is it something else far deeper, but yet just as central to our living. Honey when I say, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, I mean literally with all your emotions, with all your feelings, with all your will… with the very core of who you are. That leaves no room for error does it.. Was it hard for Joseph to trust when he was sold into slavery by his brothers God would work it out for his good, I believe so, but he still wounded up Prince of Egypt because of it.. So it worked together right.. Because He trusted God.. Was it polite for Jesus when He had to face the cross and die for us, well, we can clearly see He opted for another option shortly before, but He submitted to the will of God because He trusted God with all His heart.. Trusting God means even when things look sticky.. It’s so easy to trust Him when things are all good, but when you have a leak in your house and all your water bills have gone sky high, can you rest in Christ when your land lord refuses to be fair and pay you reimbursement. I think I have learned more through the things I have suffered than when things were going very well.

To trust in God with all my heart does not mean that I trust Him in little things, but I trust Him in every thing. Someone was told they had cancer yesterday and some young woman was raped by the pastor in her church. Are we still to believe God cares and that He wants out best coming out of it we can be better.. MOST DEFINITELY! But it will take leaving and cleaving, we must leave the way our heart wants to do it and cleave the answer God has already given in His word.. Even if we have to call our circumstance a lie and God’s word the truth that is what I mean when I say Trust in the Lord with all your heart!


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