Suffient for you!

In the book of Philippians something awesome is quoted from the 1st chapter 6th verse all the time… Today I took it as my own..

“For I am confident of this very thing, He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

What does this mean to me.. what did it mean then, and what does it mean now?

In today’s society, we pride ourselves in the overflow, in the increase, we want the land of more than enough. We want to go there with our flaws and as some say; “we make peace with our shame” and that makes it okay, you see we say we are just human being having a spiritual experience every now and then but the bible says something quite different, we are spiritual people having a human experience, which by the way does not last very long. To us it seems like life is the longest thing that could ever happen, while in all reality, life is the shortest thing that could ever happen.. God calls it a tear in a bucket.. It is preparation for an eternity. A life to come that will be full of life and healing or full of suffering and pain.

When I consider these things my heart patters… I think, but how am I supposed to see all this.. Life as it is… well, it’s kind of tough sometimes, we go through things that sometimes seem very unfair, We have to experience pain, fear to some extent and we have to deal with not only the devil, not only life.. but us.. How do I live with me down here has always been my question, not so much how I will live with others..

The bible says clearly, we must love others as we ourselves.. Ok, key words are at the end.. Love ourselves.. and love others that way.. My love for you can not ascend any higher than my love for myself, and how I measure that comes from the love I have freely received from Him.. the Lord of Hosts.

When I think of Paul’s verse I say to myself.. Wait, in this there’s a nugget.. It offers hope, it offers help for a soul trying to figure it out.
Paul was writing to the Philippians, these people were originally heathen, part of the Roman society, recently grafted into the kingdom of God, they were jumping at every opportunity to do everything for Christ.. They were excited about Jesus and in all Paul’s remembrance of them, he had joy and prayed with thanksgiving because he knew they had something.. something every believer should have.. Yet, as he is praising them… as he is telling them how much joy and thankfulness he has about them when he prays.. He is confident… he is assured… This means one thing.. Paul knew something they didn’t. He was writing to them from Prison. Don’t you remember when John the baptist went to prison. He started questioning who Jesus was and had all sorts of doubts because persecution came.. but not Paul.

This amazes me, he foresee’s not only that they would experience some times of discouragement.

To the people of God there are going to come times when discouragement comes and life happens… There will also be times when we miss it and there will be times when we will be under attack. yet, Paul preaches this awesome sermon.. I am confident… assured, that He who began a good work in you…. Will perfect it…

I love this, it offers so much hope.. Paul says that when we start out in Christ and we are so excited and doing all this wonderful work.. I started out that way.. When I first came to Christ 16 years ago, I was on fire, I can’t think of anyone who was more on fire for Christ than me, just 3 years after I accepted Christ I was preaching the gospel.. But something happened.. That waned with time, life happened..although I held onto Jesus and I still have my faith today in Him, I can see what Paul says.. I am still on fire for Christ but there are some things I can not do.. they won’t let me lead a group at church because first of all I am a mother of young children and second of all I am a wife.. They seem to think this is a season for ministry only in one place.. the home.. They are right.. While I was once heavily on fire and could go out and minister to those who were sick in the hospital at the drop of a hat, I have a friend.. Mrs. Joy, she’s been in the hospital 3 weeks now and I have only desired but not made the move to go see her yet.. there are some things about life will change.. that is inevitable.. this one thing I am confident of.. He will perfect the work.. one way or another.. It may be in a new way, every season of your life.. but He (Jesus) The Savior of Your Soul.. He will perfect… not you, but the work He began in you.. I love that.. I don’t have to be perfect.. But the work I do for Christ is being perfected until the day He returns to me here on the earth or I return to Him there is heaven.

This is a word for me.. and I had to write it down.. I had to have it somewhere near.. Because God is speaking that no matter what the time, test or circumstance.. He will still be perfecting a work in me.. If I so choose to allow Him to and not turn away when things get hard…

Be blessed of this!


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