The Substance!

Tonight I feel like rambling.

Lately, I have been reading a book called “A dare to live fully, Right where you are… One Thousand Gifts”

I took the challenge a while ago, but I am actually just about to start numbering continuously until I count to 1000 gifts.. This book was given to me by a lady in the bible study I go to, and it has been instrumental in beginning to transform my life, so I have been concentrated on it.. But I am back into my study of 1 Scripture for every 2 weeks.. Breaking down it’s meaning!
As we know today is the 11th of April and well, there’s only 3 days left, on the fourth day we start a new scripture.. I will recount the one I had meant to meditate on this first quarter it was from Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on things above not on earthly things.”

Did I mention I am currently reading through the bible in 90 days..Its pretty simple as long as I do it all in one sitting.. The past times I have done it, I have broken it up into three sittings, but I sometimes tend to get to the end of the night then I say to myself, I still have 3 or 5 more chapters to read to complete this day.. thank God I have decided to commit the first part of my day to getting that done, and it has been more of a blessing that way.. I ponder on those chapters I have read all day..

I know you are thinking.. How does this relate to the scripture I just mentioned.. I am glad you asked..
By reading God’s word daily, in my own way I am hiding it in my heart. When I sit to ponder on the life of the people I am reading or the context of the scripture by meditating on it.. I am setting.. It’s like setting a radio dial.. sometimes you know how you can hear just a little static, and you have to adjust it so you can hear crisp what is being said on the other end of the air wave.. well that’s what getting in God’s word  and praying to Him will do.. It will set the dial of your mind, renew it for lack of a better word.. I am thrilled and honored to say, only when we want God to, He has the ability to renew our mind when we set it on Him only!


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