When I started this year, I began to meditate on 1 verse of scripture for 2 full weeks.. every day, just study, word for word, to get an understanding and grasp the full meaning of each and every scripture I set my mind to meditate on. See I don’t need to memorize them, I have that part down. I just need to come to a point where I live them.

So many of us in today’s time… call ourselves christians, and while it is the easiest thing in the world to do.. “read the bible” it is laden with so many instruction in righteousness.. correction… reproof..doctrine.. here we have this word before us, and while many reject it completely, there are some who pick it up daily and look into it like a mirror yet walk away unchanged.. I personally think the bible is our book of instruction before leaving earth.. it is our road map and it tells us all we will need to do, to hear God finally say on judgment day, well done thou good and faithful servant…

I don’t know many people who work out  a lot, but I do.. I work out sometimes 6 days a  week and sometimes 2 times a day. I like the feeling it gives me when I have broke a good sweat.. Ever since after the birth of my son Benjamin and I was like near 200 lbs, I thought, I feel miserable I am tired all the time, I hardly have any energy for anything or anyone and I just want to have quality of life while I am here on earth.. Those are the reasons I work out, but many preachers speak against me.. When I hear preachers talking about exercising more often it is to down those who do is often saying it is for self glory and not for God, and why wouldn’t they say that in the bible Paul himself says that bodily exercise profits little but godliness is profitable to all things.. I rest my case on the Word of God.. But I still choose to work out, although I will stop buying all those work out dvd’s at this point right here..LOL!
Now as we delve into the word for the next two weeks. I wanted to look more closely at Ephesians 6 to get the context but the verse I will be focusing on for the next few days is… Ephesians 6:18
“Praying always with prayer and supplication in the spirit and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints”

When you look at that scripture what’s the first thought that comes to mind.

I honestly think of the old church I grew up in.. When they told us to pray in “the spirit” that means simply this.. pray in your “Heavenly language” and the whole church would break out praying in tongues. Because the Holy Spirit was resting on them.. However, today I want to present a different view of that.. because the bible would not tell every single believer to “pray in the spirit always” if everyone can not speak in those mysterious “unknown tongues” When the bible says pray always with prayer and supplication.. Pray on all occasions, there’s no certain time to pray,  I can pray when I wake up in the morning I can pray late at night I can pray in the heat of the day,  I can pray in my car, I can pray in my bed I can pray whenever and wherever no matter what I am feeling at the moment, happy, sad, depressed or even fearful,  I can still pray. This is in fact what the bible calls me to do.. And every other believer, so why don’t we pray on every occasion? you know prayer is talking to God. Prayer is communing with the Creator of the Universe, it’s one of the greatest privileges on earth, instead we communicate with a lot of other people and things.. always, but not God.. Pray with all kinds of prayers. It does not matter, if your praying for a job, health, marriage, children, education, money, wisdom.. whatever it is, just pray about it.. all the time.. asking.. that’s what supplication is.. making your request known in your prayer. What do I want from God? After I have thank and given Him praise He tells us to pray with supplication in the spirit..

As I close this I hope to go back to where I started.. In the spirit.. The bible says pray in the spirit, in the Holy Spirit.. Pray according to the spirit and not the flesh.. Is it simple enough. Do not go to God all in your flesh and Angry and filled with wrath and bitterness, hatred and evil.. That is not the way to go to God, get yourself right.. When you are praying in the spirit you have aligned yourself with the word of God and it is directing your prayer request and you are mindful of the God you are speaking to..

See you next time until then, let me know if this helps!


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