When it hit ya, write it down!

Over the weekend I bought a new workout called “Your Shape”, the only thing was the camera could not get me.. I kept trying to do it at night when the only lighting in the room looked like a spotlight.. and it could not possibly perceive my movement, so I was here working out with all my might, sweating really hard and nothing was captured..

This morning I did it bright and early and the lighting from outside was perfect for this camera.. I noticed though that the sofa behind me was just blocking the camera from getting a good view of my feet, so I felt compelled to move the sofa out..

Now I mind you we had 4 sofa’s in our house up until today, we had a set given to us, and we had a set we bought about 2 years ago.. This was really inconvenient, because the truth is, we only use one sofa.. as crazy as that sounds.. It’s 4 of us in this house and we all only use.. 1 Sofa.. Yup! you can laugh, it is funny!

My first inclination was start pushing it out.. so before I had breakfast or anything else, I started pushing it.. and it was rather hard being a sofa bed and all. I could normally move the furniture around the house pretty easily and do so rather frequently but this.. oh this was just complicated.. Trying to get it out the door, I became instantaneously grateful for having a house and not an apartment, this would have been literally impossible if we were living in an apartment complex..LOL! Little nuggets of thanks are welcomed everywhere!

As I moved this sofa out there, all the neighbors (the men) were coming out to leave for work ironically (that that I only mean 2 of them. They took time to make note of what I was doing and that I was struggling to do it, but not one of them bothered to lift a finger to help me..

It was okay though.. my little children actually helped me push it out and I was so grateful for their help and my husband had a little pep talk with me about my decision to push furniture outside.. it’s alright as long as I am doing it inside, but when it goes this far he would rather I tell him.. I am just like my mama in this regard though.. Although I will admit my mama was not pushing no furniture she didn’t have it like that.. some things she would tell me was a man’s job, like cleaning bath tubs and showers out and moving furniture, she would not be caught dead doing those things, but when she wanted anything else done, she did it herself, if she wanted to go somewhere and she did not know how to job.. No ride.. that’s ok, she knew how to catch a bus in a quick minute and the good thing about New Orleans was there was not one neighborhood a bus did not run in or to..
Today I really did it, by the time I came in, not only had I just finished working out a hard workout and was planning to do another one today, I was actually hurting in my back, shoulders and arms, this was harder on my body than mentally i had assumed..
the blessing in it all however is that.. Some one got blessed..

See in our neighborhood if you sit out any kind of furniture or toys that still look decent, someone will most definitely pick it up.. And I had all the pillows sat on it perfectly to make it advertising and it was not even 5 hours later, I looked out and the sofa was gone.. I have seen people pick up beds I have sat out like that and everything else but it always makes me feel so good to know someone somewhere got blessed in some way, by me, because I did not want to use it and I did not want to sell it.. why not give it away.. Praise the Lord!

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