Evaluation time!

What do we evaluate in prayer.. What is our highest prayer request? I wonder this today.. Are we busy in prayer about the next thing God will give us? Or are we in prayer asking God to build us up in the places we are weak and make us stronger.

As we look a little more into Ephesians 6:18 I have to say it hit home. We learned last time that the context was to put on the armor of God.. Well in order to put on something I have learned as a child growing up you have to take off something.
Being a mother of little children, in the spring as hot as the one’s we have here in Dallas I must say.. It gets so hot, that you can not afford to double layer sometimes. And my sweet little children, they say to me.. mama, I can just put on my new clothes over the one’s I have on and I say, no honey first you have to take off what you have on.. and sometimes you have to take off what you have on, clean yourself up then put on the new clothes.

It’s amazing to think that life would be like that.. When we go to God in prayer, are we going in the right clothes.. Because sometimes we tend to go carrying bitterness, resentment all parts of anger, sometimes we go in prayer carrying all sorts of fears and they lead our prayer request instead of us going in prayer to rid ourselves of them.. I must say, sometimes it’s amazing to think that my prayers are shaped by my feelings and not my faith. My prayers are sometimes shaped completely by what I see and feel and not what I know to be right according to the word of God. Sometimes my prayers to God in supplication are shaped by pain and not by joy, happiness to be in His presence and asking Him to show me His glory and give me a clean heart. Sometimes I run from prayer or when I am in prayer will not reveal area’s of shame because I know I need to confess or admit sometimes or even guilt for what I did that I know I shouldn’t have.. In prayer this ought to be a place of release and when we finish praying we ought to feel the difference.

Whenever you get the privilege again to talk to the creator of the universe, please be sure to mark your words.. Be sure to make them few because you are mindful and very careful to think more highly of the one you are speaking to!


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