When it dawned on me!

This morning when I woke up, I was concerned about my son.. I took it to the Lord in prayer. He had been asking silly, strange outright ridiculous questions.

I would think at 5 he could understand yet he would still ask as if he did not know them.. I mentioned it to my dear husband who also noticed the same thing and I knew I was not alone..

When I decided to take this to the Lord in prayer, I knew exactly who I was going to.. I knew I was going to the Lord of the universe the Creator of heaven and earth. I knew there was no one greater than Him and if anyone cold handle a problem if there were any it would be Him..

I prayed and called on the name of the Lord, on my own first, with my husband over the internet, with Mr. Austin a dear best friend of mine and also just spent some time contemplating who God had called my son to be and what His purpose was for little Ben’s life and that up until now he was perfectly fine..

Then it dawned on me.. any day at any time the Lord could… if He wanted to.. Take away the health not only of my children, but myself.. or my husband.. things happen so fast and in the twinkling of an eye, with a doctor visit or a phone call everything in someone’s life could change.. but I got the Master of the World on the Line.. and I spoke with Him about this issue..

When I had finished praying I went on about my day and I realized that I had not been giving him the attention he so rightly deserved, at least not more than Aniah.. I only have so much to give you know..LOL!
But we went out to chick fila to play and there was this lady there who had a son with down syndrome and it broke my heart to see, but they were making the best of it and she was happy and blessed just to have her sweet little boy there.. When Benjamin spoke to her, she gave him her undivided attention and well, that amazed me, because given attention a little child comes alive.. Benjamin started to really open up to this lady and tell her all about the Buzz and Woody on ice he went to see a full month ago and it amazed me that he remembered every single part of the show and she too was amazed, then he started to tell me all about his day at school and what he had eaten for a snack and how he had done his show and tell and it dawned on me..
Children are the greatest gift a person can have.. As I looked into his eyes, all of my complaining about them all day pulling on me needing something doing something for me to clean up or breaking something just went away, it vanished as I gazed in my sweet little son’s eyes.. I was paying attention to his skin and it had been so dry and filled with eczema that I looked at him and felt so much love that this was my little boy and he was completely healthy, I mean besides being a 5 year old and I too was just as the lady sitting next to me with a downs syndrome son.. happy and blessed.. Thank you Lord!


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