Taking a look at Request!

Well, Isn’t it just an awesome day to be alive. Life is good, only when you think it is.. I have learned that..
I woke up this morning, and to be honest, I felt a little crappy, but I read a book to my children before we left for the Easter Egg hunt this morning, and it said..”I feel it..Love is in the Air, can you feel it!” Everyone else was rather grumpy and he was not feeling a lot of love when he asked all his friends..”can you feel the love in the air??” No was the main answer he got.. but because he felt it he was able to share it and suddenly it became contagious.. So I said to myself, what a great way to look at things.. Wake up every morning and before your feet hit the floor say it like you mean it…”LOVE IS IN THE AIR!” just like that. with a flare..

Alright now we can get down to business.. Isn’t that good to think about though.. things that are just pure.. like love.. Love is the purest thing on earth.. So why not think love thoughts..

Ephesians 6:18 is where we park our sticks again today..

” And pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all kinds of prayers, and request, with this in mind, be alert and always keep praying for the saints.”

Let me tell you a short story about praying on all occasions… A couple of weeks ago I met with my “Moms of Preschoolers” group and it was a good time.. I tell you! Just good fellowship, when prayer time arrived I could not help but say.. “Please pray for my daughter Angel and I, I desire us to have a working vibrant relationship! She is my oldest child and I have not seen her since last year in September, she has moved and well, I am frankly kind of scared for her to give me her address for fear that she will ask me for some money, you see normally this is her request when she contacts me.. Last time she wanted an IPAD 4G and I gently had to explain to her.. Angel, I can not get that for you because first of all it is not something you need and second of all I am not going to buy something for you I would not be willing to buy for myself.. She became very upset about the fact that i did not cater to her need, So Please Pray that.. my daughter and I can have a healthy, working relationship.” Well, I left it at that.. I did not want the relationship to be built on how much money I could give her, but on the fact that I love her and I really just want her to know me as her mommy, not her money bag!

Well, just so happens sweet little Angel contacted me today.. While I was at the mall! Normally, whenever she crosses my mind and my cell phone is near, I don’t call her, I just gently send her a text to let her know I am thinking of her.. rarely does she respond.. But I always ask how she is doing? This time when she responded she told me her address..

I want to stop here for a moment.. I text’d her and asked her how she was doing? and her response was her address.. I know she knew I had not asked her for this, so somewhere in this there was an answer to prayer.. She had been thinking of the last time we had talked when she told me she would give me her address and did not.. Well, this was a blessing when I first saw it.. I have to admit I wondered where it was going.. I wondered what this was leading up to.. This time, were we going to have the relationship or was money going to come up..
I text’d her back shortly after and said, “Honey, how are you doing?” she said “Fine!” That’s when I kind of got a picture in my mind, and it was not that she wanted something good to converse with me.. casually.. Not long after I told her, I would send her something, just as soon as it was a mailing day and I could get a box..
She did not wait very long after until she responded and said.. Can you send me some money? My first response in my heart was to melt.. Oh My Goodness… Here we go.. I should have thought this.. I told her how much I would send her and then she responded by saying.. “And I want my last name changed” Granted, I have changed my maiden name which she still carries and deep down I don’t still hold a grudge against her father for not wanting to sign her birth certificate when she was born, but we settled that then.. This is the only thing I have legally that holds her identity to mine and you know what.. I am still not willing to give that up..

So when she asked that she gave me a call, and I did not feel prepared to deal with this kind of conversation with her, without praying!

This gets me back to my point.. I had prayed originally, just to be able to hear back from her through text and that we can have a healthy relationship.. My prayer touched the heart of God, and I think He allowed her to contact me back so I would know she was alright.. but when my dear sweet daughter came back to the influence she has had all these years, it did not make me feel very happy so in the face of answered prayer I still had to pray.
On every occasion with all types of prayer.. Sometimes you will have to go back and clarify and modify your prayers,  but know that God hears them all and when the time comes there will be no delay, He will as a matter of fact.. answer them all.. According to His will!


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