A baby crying!

This evening while I was in WalMart the strangest thing happened.

I was having a break from my little children and I had enjoyed it thus far… Until I got to the line,I was waiting to pay for my food, and well we know how that wait can be.

Normally, I start texting people and busying myself and that makes things pass so much faster.

This time however there was a little infant baby girl who was in the line across from the line I was in.. and she had been crying just about from the time I got in the line. The funniest thing was her mommy did not even pay much attention to her.. She just sat there in her little carry-all and cried her little heart out. I wondered what was wrong.. She did not seem to be in any sort of pain and she did not seem to be hungry, but maybe she just wanted attention..
I immediately thought about my children when they were that age…. Children can be so needy, dependent and trusting, well, that part just never changes does it.

This Mexican lady had a beautiful baby and everyone in the grocery store wanted to stop what they were doing who were close enough to hear her to meet the need this baby had, whatever it was.. after all who likes to hear a baby cry. But when they cry whose job is it to see to them… Their parents!
I started thinking to myself several thoughts…#1. “Thank God I am out of that season!” Well, it really did me no good to thank God for that, because even with the season I am in, it may not be changing diapers, it may not be waking up in the middle of the night or stopping what I am doing to get them out of their crib because they just woke up and I was trying to work out..  The needs changes but they are still needs all the same!

My preschoolers I am convinced need just as much attention, just in a different way..

Now this little baby cried the whole while i stood in a walmart line and you know it’s not a quick trip through a walmart line at 5p on anyday in a big city…Well,one of the ladies who worked in the store who was also Mexican came to comfort the baby and I thought maybe they knew each other because the mother did not even turn around to see who she was or ask what she was doing.. They did not even speak to eachother, but the baby would not be comforted..

Finally, the lady had paid for her things and that precious beautiful little girl was still crying and you know those little hand motions the little babies make, they make you think about inside the womb, they want to put their hands in their mouth and the only place they know to move their hands is near their head.. there’s no other coordination for a little infant.. And as they pushed the cart away, I looked inside the little car seat, in awe for the little one…

I hoped she got the attention she needed!

There was a happy ending to the story.. As I walked out of the store, once I had paid for all my things, I saw the baby and her mother in McDonalds in front of the store.. and she was holding her baby who was bright eyes and bushy tailed and I thought to myself, sigh.. Relief for her, was also relief for mommy even though it seemed she did not care much at the moment!

That’s much of our walk with God.. We cry out and cry out and cry out.. Sometimes He answers us right away and we are glad that He took the time just to comfort us, in times of distress, because a cry is nothing more than a call for some sort of help, or attention.. We call on Him in need of attention for our issues here on earth and sometimes He looks at us and He says to Himself.. It’s not life threatening, although you think so.. Sometimes He waits to come and meet us where we are and that distresses us because we have no clue that not only does He see and hear us, but He will answer sometimes, just in His own time..

When He does are we not just like that lady and her baby.. Both comforted.. The problem no longer exist and We are both okay, and we can push through yet another day.. Bright eyes and bushy tailed..LOL!

3 thoughts on “A baby crying!

  1. Sometimes moms just need to check out for a minute in order to get it together and regain sanity. Seems to me that she just needed to get done at the store and get out of there before she could give the baby what she needed. We all feel bad for a crying kid, but we rarely think about what the mom is dealing with.

    • It’s true I have moments like that.. I just need to check out so I can make sure I am taking care of myself.. Sometimes you can give out so much.. that you have to refill.. Refilling is infact something every momma must do in order to maintain her composure.. I know this for a fact..
      Thanks for your response honey!

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