Children Resemble Adults!

Ok, I will confess.. I need prayer! Whew, I have never needed prayer so much aside from the days I have had children..

This morning we are out at Walmart when they are leaning and pressing into me. You know it is a true statement, Children are NEEDY, DEPENDENT, and TRUSTING, however I would add to that Very Challenging.

There is no way someone can have a child with any kind of desire to be a good parent and still think only about themselves.. Not only does the child need to be nourished, and clothed, but the child needs to be trained and encouraged daily, instruction to the child is constantly necessary!

It was a pretty breezy day when we left for Kroger today and well, I decided after getting the little one’s in the car that they needed on little sweaters, the last thing I wanted to have was cold preschoolers, walking around saying: “MAMA! I’m Cold” in the stores.. LOL! So as I gave Benjamin his sweater I realized little Miss Aniah has not learned yet how to put on her own sweaters, she may do very well with dressing herself from the waste down but she needs a little more help from the waste up.. So I stepped in to put her little sweater on, and I had taken one arm out of the car seat and I was hopeful that she would be mindful to take her other arm out of the other suspender.. Well, it was not until I had gotten the sweater completely on that I realized that she had left her arm in the car seat and well, she needed me to hold her little cinnamon roll while she did this because she had not place to put it..
At this point I was just a little frustrated.. After all, I am so used to being lady who could get dressed to go anywhere in 5 minutes.. Ask anyone who has ever known me closely, or lived with me.. They will tell you I have never taken longer than 5 minutes to be ready to go anywhere at any given time, and that is neatly ready too.. But since I had kids, well, that has all changed for me.. I spend more time combing Aniah’s hair and dressing her than dressing myself and sometimes can I be honest… It gets on my last nerve.. I do it and I love to do it.. Yet sometimes, I feel like..LORD, PLEASE CAN I HAIR A BREAK FROM BEING HAIR DRESSER FOR THE DAY!

Once I have concluded all this and made them get their shoes on we are finally ready to go.. Thank God boys don’t need their hair combed..

Well, we get to the store and Aniah is a whiner, She immediately started to whine because I had only gone to get one thing and I did not need a basket, well she wanted the basket with the baby seat and I had to keep telling her.. Aniah No! We are going to get this one thing.. Then well, when we went to the library, she whined because she could not get a book she really thought she liked.
This is the life of a mother..

But then I thought about it.. This is the life of us all.. This is the life of an adult.. When I looked at my little children.. We are like that with God.. We definitely need His help to do anything, I can not even put my own clothes on and comb my hair if it isn’t for Him giving me health and strength and the right mind to do it with..

I immediately became grateful! Why? because the bible clearly says that children of the womb are a reward of the Lord, the bible says in all essence that Children are a real blessing from the Lord..
If I am to live in light of eternity I must know that if I do not come to God needy, knowing I can not do anything on my own. If He does not stop me when I am doing it all wrong like I did Aniah with the car seat I might have a problem when it comes time to get out.. Aren’t you glad that God, He looks out for us so well, that even when we don’t know we are putting ourselves in a mess, He is straightening it out..
Although I was not very pleasant at first when I jerked her arm out of there, thinking..Silly, don’t you know you can  not put the sweater on if your arm is tied down to a car seat.. But we do silly things like that all the time and here comes God.. Just gently.. No! ……. This is not the way.. Let me show you how it will be better for you.. When I think of these things, my heart shudders because I say to myself.. Children are just like Adults.. and they frustrate us only because we are limited in our patience, limited in our ability to have understanding for them.. They are not dumb, or stupid.. They are just blank brains who need, trust and depend on us to give them good imprints!


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