At the book sale!

As human beings we all have something that makes of an entity.. It makes us unique for everyone else..

We all have our own characteristics, you know the things about us that can only be said about us.

For me, no one can describe me without saying…”Knows the bible very well, prays very well, is encouraging most of the time, loves to collect bibles, loves to read to her children and goes to the library often to gets books to read”… Just recently, Crocheting could have become a part of what I do.. but it is by no means who I am! The things about me that set me apart are the art of being me and no one can ever be me better than I can.. I love that about myself.. Don’t you!

Well, today I was looking forward to going to the book sale, since I love books I have learned that my children also love to read.. They are little readers at heart.. I love buying books for them because for some reason it lights up my world..

We drove all the way out to Grand Prairie today, which by the way is the farthest I will ever drive for a book sale, I just got a taste of a “real” book sale a couple of months ago, and it was awesome.. I used to just do the library “little” book sale, but when you do a “real” book sale you are not going back, trust me.. You love the price and if there’s a big selection you are going fishing!

Today, as we were driving there I became instantaneously grateful that my little preschoolers could tell me what they want.. I remember the days I feared driving long distances because my little children would whine and whine and it would drive me crazy, I hate the loud noise especially when I am trying to maneuver through traffic, so it was a blessing to see that they were talking to me like big kids, even though I could not understand half of what they were saying some of the time..

When we made it to this huge library the first thing I wanted to do was walk around and look at the books but in the city we live I would probably not even qualify to take out a book loan and I was certainly not willing to drive back out here.. I had already gotten lost, with “mapquest” They don’t seem to keep up with the times, if the roads are closed they do not update and if you are out in the middle of no where well, you would just be stuck and lost until you can find a gas station..

Thankfully, I had a little device on my phone called “Navigator system” I loved the fact that I did not have to identify for this device where I was, it picked it up and immediately started calculating for me how to get to my destination address since that’s all it needed to know and the thing I love about that is this.. If you are lost, obviously you are looking for a destination you have never been to before so more than likely you have an address, this helps me, because I can not stop and start searching for addresses and this thing picks it up.. I could go into how deep that is in the spiritual but I will leave it where it is.. I’m headed somewhere!

When we finally made it to the library, my children’s eyes lit up, it was a dream come true, we had made it to another place so filled with books we could hardly stand it.. they had a big children’s book area too, and I was tempted to walk over but I knew in my heart this would not be a good move, so I kept on walking.. When I did I came to the book sale and I was “extremely disappointed” it was just a little bigger than the library book sale here.. this was a waste of my time to drive all the way out here, they said they had 12,500 books..”LIARS” Well, my children hardly had any selection to choose from but here’s the thing I like about children.. Benjamin is 5, so he is a little more picky than Aniah, but honey…. Aniah, will pick up anything she can see that looks interested and exciting..
Now is where I park to hit my point..
Aniah is more of a free spirit, she is more flexible, more open minded.. She does not have to have it all a certain way, it can be any way.. as long as it looks like something that will entertain her and be fun.. She won’t pick up a teenager book they are normally board books or level 1 reader books, but she can find so many given enough time to look..
Isn’t that how some humans are.. We are not picky at all about our selections, in marriage, as long as we get a husband who is our age, well, at least we were thinking in that regard right.. in our education, who cares what I get a degree in as long as it makes me some money.. I will do it.. it’s just 4 years of my life, maybe 8.. This is how we make decisions in America.. Will it bring me Pleasure, will it get me more possessions and will it make me more powerful..
You see earlier Benjamin had gotten a Winnie the Pooh book… He always walks out with a much smaller ratio of books than Aniah because he will not pick up just anything it has to be something that he likes and if that means less of a thing, then well, he has to be the one who settles for less, because I am not going to sit in the store all day while he goes through every single book to look for that one perfect one.. but you know he’s on to something.. Benjamin has caught the hint.. It is not worth having it unless it is right.. Unless it fits what I believe I should have..

When it comes down to what we believe we don’t pick whatever is on the shelf we pick what is right and what will get us the eternal life we know we need here on earth and when we die.. When it comes down to life we ought to be picky about what we watch at the movies, picky about the shows we let our children watch.. we ought to be picky about the places we go and who we sit in the company of.. And we are just so open minded and free willed sometimes we are killing ourselves and I do mean that literally!


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