From Peasant to Princess!

Don’t we love the good stories…. I mean the one’s with the happy endings.

We love it when we see movies like Pretty Woman, You see Julia Roberts is a prostitute. She was barely making it. One night unknowingly a man pulls up in a nice car and he’s a rich man.. he has a lot of money.. he picks her up and she goes to stay one night at his hotel..
Weren’t you just thrilled when he was not trying to exploit her but as a matter of fact he asked her to stay the week with him.. I thought that was extraordinary, he asked her to stay with him and he did not even have in mind to treat her like a prostitute..

As the story goes on I was intrigued to see that he’s getting ready to leave town after the week has passed and after he has allowed her to spend his money on clothes and exposed her to all this beautiful jewelry she would have never had aside from him… He tells her something like.. I will stop by to see you every now and then when I’m in town..

Needless to say, by this time she had already been well taken with him and she was not willing to settle for being treated like anything less than his lady..

Just as she thinks everything is over and he has gone back to his life and she has gone back to hers.. He comes to her in his limo and he takes her away.. Wasn’t that a beautiful scene, she gets to be the princess and he gets to be the knight and shining armor who saves her.

Somehow I think we all want this.. As women we want to be swept off of our feet and taken from where we are to some place greater and much better than where we are..A place where we are loved and adored and the man of our dreams would just die for us.. Well, for men too..I think the men long for the thrill of being adventurous.. They want to be the knight who comes in and steals her heart.. My husband is just like that to me..

But friends there is something greater, there’s a reason this is a desire deep down within all of us…

It is God given..

And God is the one who takes us from where we are.. Headed to hell and gives us nothing short of heaven..
Be Blessed!


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