Have you found your but….

I could not help it.. I had to share this with as many people as will take time out to read it..
I happened to be reading an interesting story today…

I think if anyone reads a great book, when they read it the second and third time they will always tend to see something different each time if they are opened to receive and ingrain what they saw before..

I was reading 2Kings 5:1 when it dawned on me there was not a person God really blessed that did not have a But…
It said here in the KJV Naaman was a man who was successful by all comparison. I mean just look at how the bible brings him up, it does not wait until later to categorize what made him great it simply says: “Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria.. (Sorry, is he a Jew) was a great man, and honorable because the Lord by him had given deliverance to to Syria, he was also a mighty man of valor…but he was a leper!

Now ain’t that a trip! First we stroll through all the stuff that makes him great and man, we want to look up to this man right off the top of his introduction to the bible but that last sentence is the very thing that characterized his life..

He was a leper.. That means… everything.. This man was unclean.. this man was like.. someone with aids in our day.. This man, well, don’t let me go too far.. I would type all day.. But make no mistake being a leper is not a small thing at all.. So Naaman was a Gentile man, who was successful in the eyes of God and he was still a Leper.. Bring any thoughts to mind.. Well, Moses.. what about about the guy who has a speech impediment.. that doesn’t stop God from using him. What about Jacob, he got a bad rep and was called a trickster all his life but hey, can God do anything, can he used a convicted felon.. Can He is not the question but will He..

God had chosen to favor someone who was imperfect, and made him honorable.. Little Jabez comes to mind.. that boy’s mother named him “one who causes pain” but he over came that.. I always want to jump for joy when I see that because I was something of a Jabez.. Very rarely would God allow anyone to realize that within my name is the word Evil.. It was inherit in my nature.. My name is.. kEVILyn… Let me tell you that did not go well with me for many years until I knew in my heart, when I was born, I was in fact by every standard that very thing and even today my first nature which was natural was very very evil in every way possible, but for it to be in my name is a constant reminder that I need the saving power of God every day so I don’t live out what my mama called me fro the beginning.. what about your but… have you found it yet?

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