And just like that it’s over!

Today, I have to say was a day that leaves me pondering!

Why don’t so many people turn to Christ..Will it cost a price too high? They used to always have this saying, “What would prevent you from coming and giving your heart to Christ and your hand to the preacher today?”

Well, a lot of things, I have to die.. I am held accountable for what I have been given.. When we have the responsibility of knowing and having a relationship with God as a Father and not just a vengeance taker it changes things!

Today, I took my children out to Walmart, our usual hangout and as I pushed them in the basket and they rambled on I thought to myself.. What if? What if I were not a good driver and I took this basket and ran-shacked it up against a wall throwing them out of it into a fallen state.. What if? They were innocently there, they trusted me.. More than anyone else who could be pushing this basket they trust me to do it and so much so they have gone on playing with each other, laughing and talking really loud by the way, as if they had not a care in the world.

Immediately this left me pondering.. When I have been required much it is only because I have been given much, so if I have been given something as simple or as weighty as salvation am I required to maintain it, or work it out in so many words, to no longer look like I do not have salvation and how would that benefit me..
That’s where the scripture comes in, when we have been given a gift or a responsibility, one day we will stand before God.
I once heard someone say; “How could you say life is short, it’s the longest thing I ever done” Well, in comparison with eternity it is as a drop in the bucket.

So I pondered, what would happen.. If I had to stand before God today, would I be able to say that I, just like my little preschoolers trusted Him completely that He knew what was best for my life no matter what happened in it.. Would I be able to clearly and consciously stand before Him and say.. Father, I have waited so long to see you! Running to Him to hug Him or will I dread the day, because when it is all over, He will surely say either “well done”, or “away from me” and all that is based on what I did with what He has given me today!


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