The word UnBending means Inflexible, not moving..unyielding, Extremely reserved, incapable of adapting, or changing to meet circumstances.

From the beginning what thoughts come to mind.. When you think of someone who is..’Unbending’ what’s your first thought.. You don’t want to be around that kind of person, I would consider them to be extremely confident in what they are standing for and in some ways a model..

Unbending also means for me stability when I think of it..
Let me give you an example.. Have you ever met a christian and every time you saw them and it never failed, every time you saw them you were shocked even when things were going wrong they had joy.. And not just any kind of joy but they were bubbling over and they just lost their house.. and their momma just died.. have you ever been around a person would was a professed believer and they lived it out, they were not conformed to the world, or anything in it.. They were completely sold out and not going back to their old ways when they were moved by things and people but realized their joy was found only in the Lord..

When the Lord calls Himself Bread of Life.. when He said that He was sent from the Father, and He is living water, that springs up in us like a well, it  makes us unbending, we do not find excitement in things in the world our excitement is out of this world and it can not be shaken or moved by the world… A christian who lives this way is one who sets the atmosphere wherever they go they are one who have only one mind and will not be swerved one way or another, they are confident that what they believe is right and true and they are not moving one way right or left… It’s the word of God, or nothing, for me.. Does that sound absolutely horrible, we should all be open minded right, willing to change and conform “get outside the Box” but not when it means getting outside of that word we are unbending over..


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