Beautifully arranged!

This was supposed to be a rainy day all the way through, but there was a little break and although there were clouds I decided to get out anyway with my children and go to the nature and science center..

When we got there, it was so packed, I thought to myself.. Why do we even have a membership here, there is literally never a dull moment.. It’s always busy and full of people and I don’t like big crowds very much.. Today it seemed like all the elementary and jr high schools in Dallas were there and boy that was normal, but also normally annoying!
I finally decided, you know what we are just going to park this car this time and get in the mix, the last 3 times we have come it has been a waste of gas, we just turned around and went home because of the slew of school buses sitting outside and all the children waiting to get in.. All different times of the day!

Well, I was going to do it this time and when we got in there the children made my head spin..  I mean that literally, my kids thought it was the funnest, most happening place in the world.. I could not stay there.. they would not have a free place to play on anything with all these children and all this noise.

We turned around and walked out.. but before we left, my children asked me if they could eat their lunch… They were thrilled about the brown paper bag for lunch… they were thrilled to put their lunch in a bag instead of the “Tinkerbell, and Buzz” bags… I was shocked, see I didn’t have to spend so much money on that trash..
When we got outside there was a whole bunch of children and no seats at the tables, but we sat on the concrete, one of those beautiful sights.. Right in front the waterfall, and it was just breezy enough to be chilly, we had a lot of pigeons at our feet and my little children had to feed them.. We began to look around at all the pretty trees out there and see the beautiful butterflies, fly over our head.. I could not help but live in this moment, it was way too much to see here to miss it!

We got up and walked around to the little bond and took a lot of pictures and I was amazed at this one thing.. When we went near that waterfall there was a lot of trees around it.. and Aniah wanted to pluck leaves from the tree.. I stopped and observed how some leaves would come off so easily barely pulling at them and some would not.. and you know what she did with the one’s that would not come so easy, she didn’t fight with them and force them, she left them alone.. Boy that was filled with insight for me.. The branches all were so adorned with leaves that somehow you forget that the branch is the source of the leaf and the branch has a source which is the tree and well the tree has a source as strong as it is.. As beautifully adorned as these things are.. We could mess up a beautiful garden if we go stepping on and picking on the things that were not set to be interrupted.. I saw some beautiful flowers on my way out.. I saw some yellow one’s and Aniah gave me a burgundy one off the flower on the ground and there was pretty loud summer green one’s how easy to just step on them.. or you could stop and look at them and marvel at how beautiful they really are!


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