Ok, so I’ve got work to do, help a sista out!

Over this weekend I broke my little bet with myself so many times it’s not even funny…

I said firstly I was not going to eat after 6p, I am really cracking down on losing this access weight.. I also said I was not going to eat out even once.. I winded up eating at Texas Roadhouse.. I really over did it too this weekend, see I also ate at Chipotle!

Some people are really good at discipline and they can quote this scripture with all diligence like Job.. I have treasured your word over my daily food.. 😉 can somebody help me complete a fast around here.. N0! Sometimes you just gotta be real and that’s when things get healed.. Food! That’s where you can get me every time.. But that’s getting ready to change…

I am willing to be exposed because it is only when a wound is exposed that it can be healed.. a bandage does not get oxygen so healing can take place! I joined a website called Spark People and I have to say these people are a real blessing, they are having the same daily struggles I have and they are egging me on that I can do this, I can make it.. I can do it.. Well, you know I already know that, but there’s nothing like people all around you telling you that.

So, what’s your thing today, what are you struggling with, it might not be food.. It might be something else.. For instance, over the weekend one of my little cousins got married, the honest trust is my heart was broken. I knew we had a fallen out when my mother died.. Something very foolish and it was very hard for her to let go of this thing obviously even though we had conversed and everything.. She refused to invite me although my brothers and sisters were invited.. Now, a bitter person would probably hold anger in their heart and lots of resentment but that is not my issue.. I wish I could call my sweet cousin and tell her how much I love her and hope she had the most fabulous wedding I have been looking for pics on facebook honestly..

Love has no bounds.. and neither does my love for food.. God bless my soul..

So, what’s your thing.. tell me, I want to know, now that I’ve exposed myself to you!


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