Sometimes your just too old for that!

So, I have to confess sometimes there are things we ought to know how to do, and there are some things when we reach a certain age, we ought to know not to do.

This is a big lesson for a lot of people to learn.. Including me!

Today, I was in the process of bathing my children, for a long time now, Aniah has been potty trained..(thank God) and she has also known how to clean herself when she has a bath.. Well, this is the part that will make you laugh. She has decided over the last few weeks she wanted to go back and be a baby again.. She still uses the potty but she wants me to come and give her the toilet paper so she can wipe herself.. EVERYTIME! Then on top of that while I was so proud that she used to bathe herself, now she needs me to come in EVERYTIME and bathe her.. I spank her today and told her this is not going to go one..

There are some things a 3 year old knows to do, just like there are things a 30 year old knows to do.. But when somebody is willing to do it for you and I, don’t we find it easier just to have them come alongside us and do it for us. It is okay to desire milk if you are an infant, but if you are 25 years old there’s no way I should still be spoon feeding you, worst than making me look bad, it also makes you look really bad..

I am learning so much through my process of parenting sometimes it makes me smile and other times, I put my face in my hand and shake my head…Lord don’t we all need a little help sometimes, but not EVERYTIME!

What a beautiful day.. I hope everyone feels as blessed as I do at this moment!


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