If I can make it… I know that you can!

If I can make it, I know that you can!
When I had my third child my weight had gone up to nearly 200 lbs…
I could barely live with myself.. I felt so uncomfortable all the time, I hated having to buy some clothes size 16 and that’s when I made the decision, enough is enough, I will not get any bigger than this.. I don’t have any energy to take care of these precious children I have birth and if anything is a shame it would be that..
I decided to start challenging my body and putting it to the test 5 years ago, after the birth of my second child, but at first I kept on getting pregnant, 3 times in one year.. Then I decided after that last baby there would not be any more children and it was time to get my act together, 3 years later, I still struggle with weight, maintaining a healthy weight has been my dilemma, I have gotten down to a healthy weight before.. but I could not stay more than 3 months.. I seemed to ease it back up, not because I had stopped exercising but I fell into my old habits and I learned if you only change your mindset, your body will follow, if I change the way I think about food and what I will use food for, that I am it’s god and not the other way around.. Meaning I tell the food where to go and it does not lead and direct my life..
Living in a society like the one we do.. it’s hard to keep good eating habits, you know we don’t live in Kenya or Nigeria where sometimes they go days without food and they have no choice, we have to make a decision if we want to eat a big breakfast or not when we wake up, not if we will eat at all.. I have learned invaluable lessons in my journey.. the clothes are not more than the body and the food is not more than the stomach.. I have learned invaluable lessons that will carry me past this life and this time as I get closer and closer to my goals, I pray to always keep them set before me.. I am down now from March 1st weighing in at 174 this year… to today weighing in at 156 lbs, I am very proud of myself and I am almost ready for that reward I treated myself to a couple of weeks ago.. I keep beating myself to the reward then I have to make a new one for when I reach my goal..LOL! But I will be find, I am sure of it.. I am positive that I will be just fine.. Keep your head up and keep lifting mine when you see it slowly going south!


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