Falling on the Rocks!

Today, is one of those days that makes you sour, like the power puff girls..

It’s not a very sunny day outside so I figured I’d get me a couple of bucks, go resale some books at Half Priced.. By the way I hate half priced books.. They buy your book for a nickel and turn around and sell it for 9.98! I think it’s a get over!

After we left there we had just enough time in there for my children to lose their chance to go and visit the animals at the pet store, and they had also lost their chance to go to the library, so we were free falling, but we wounded up at the park… on the way home!
Almost as soon as we got out of the car, Aniah went to run to play and…. she fell down on the rocks.. She looked so hurt laying their on those hard rocks my heart immediately went out to her because I wanted to help her.

Not so much that I wanted to help her but that she is at such an age that she would let me help her. She’s 3 and at this particular time I’m not rejoicing that she fell but that this is one of those many opportunities that mommies get to make the memory imprint in the child’s brain that mommy is  my super hero..
It’s moments like these you don’t forget.

I picked her up and held her and walked over to the bench and she had the hiccups so it almost felt like when someone is pregnant and the baby has the hiccups in the tummy.. I hugged her and kissed her and told her it would be alright and she was more preoccupied with my love and hugs than with the fact that she had a gash on her leg and we would have to go home and put a bandage on it..

When we walked back to the car I realized not even 3 steps from where she fells there was a broken glass from a beer bottle and I thank God at that moment she could have fell anywhere else but on the rock!
Would you rather fall on the Rock, or have the Rock fall on you and crush you!


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