No man knows the day…. nor the hour!

Ok, so today I have a really serious topic to tough out with someone will you come along with me in my journey!

They say tomorrow May 21 is supposed to be judgment day.. That’s what some people are going around the world saying.. They have quit jobs and they have left families behind to go and tell the world and put up bill boards, going bankrupt, broke, telling everyone.. Tomorrow! It’s the big day.. You need to be ready because it’s the Lord’s second coming!
I would think they would have learned from the bible when Jesus talked about this is Matthew 25 how men will come talking about how you should see Him over there and how you should be mindful of this and that.. No man knows the day nor the hour and if what anyone is saying is not in line with the teaching of Jesus… Not reworded either, I don’t want to hear nothing about no special revelation just you got about when Jesus is coming back.. I have my own relationship with Jesus.. And if this is for that cause then I agree with it…

If the people just want others to get their lives right with Jesus and to turn their lives over to Him and repent… Yes, I am behind that, anyway you can do it.. But don’t tell them that you know when the end is because everyone will be disappointed in the end because even Jesus and the angels in heaven have not known that one and He and the father are tight like that..

Basically, make sure your house is in order, and stop holding that old unforgiveness in your heart.. this might not be a blog I will have many readers in.. But one thing I want you to know is that … One Day.. It will be for real, and because we do not know the day nor the hour we definitely need to be ready.

The gospel is going forth all over the land and believe it or not the internet is taking it there. Let me tell you something, if you are not ready when He comes you will have to face ETERNITY in a godless place.. And I think you can imagine what that would look like my love..

I want your heart to be good ground and I want you to know there is love that came for you and He humbled Himself to a sinners cross to bear your shame and sinfulness so that you can rise again on that day victorious. He is even stronger than death which one day we must all face.. Will you be ready when He comes for you?


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