Imagine me/you being free completely!

Have you ever watched a movie that made you think.. That’s all, not that it had any huge points to ponder behind it in particular but there was one character or so in it who just got your attention.. After the movie was over and all was said and done, that person, character still rolled around in your head..

Have you ever thought to yourself, that reminds me of me or someone I know.. Something they did, a behavior or a trait cut on a light that made you totally reevaluate your life..

Has it ever happened to you?
Today, Today that happened to me..

I was watching some movie.. I have yet to know the name of it.. It was about a foster mother who was completely evil.. Her perspective was completely distorted and she was ruining lives in the process.. Every child she fostered had their lives turned upside down and incurred huge wounds it would take years to recover from!

The lady (Kirsty Alley) played as had taken this lady in who was at her wits end and she told her she would help her since she had a new baby and had no way to care for her. She somehow got this lady to stay in her attic with hardly any light, and abused her daughter, letting her husband go into the room and her son, with this little girl and raping her and her mother.. Although the girl had considerably more freedom than her mother she was still greatly limited..

It broke my heart to see it, the girl’s mother was constantly told in a kind manner, I am locking you in this attic for your own good ok.. You know I love you! The husband would tell her that he loved her as he sexually assaulted her and well, she thought it was normal, she would ask for food and the lady would tell her, well, why don’t you fold the towels correctly.. It was amazingly bad to even consider something like this would really happy!

But the kicker was this.. After the girl was impregnated by the husband of the wicked lady and given birth she decided she wanted better for her son and she would get him out!

She could not find the key to unlock the attic to take her mother so she came back for her, and while the daughter through very harsh treatment had come, she was stronger in her mind because she knew what healthy and unhealthy should feel like or at least she had some sort of clue and her mother did not.. She wondered why anyone would want to leave this evil woman.. She was so shackled, so chained, in so much bondage it was incredible.. And it reminded me of someone very dear to me..

Sometimes we are just like that full grown elephant, although we weigh tons and have the power within us to pull away from the little peg, we let it hold us down and we have no idea we have power to overcome within! So we are controlled by something much smaller than us..
When the police walked in they said the the mother she was going to be set free.. Well, she did not know what that meant, she had no idea what that looked like she thought she was free.. and what she was going to… Well, that was uncertainty and could easily become bondage.. It was sad to behold that she never had a normal life after this course of events for years.. But we can..

But We Can! It doesn’t matter what trauma you or I have suffered, I take refuge in the fact that we Can overcome it and we can be better because of it!


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